2006 - 2008


vánoční sraz Dajavery

Christmass cathering of Dajavera kennel

Video - here

Photos - here


video - Crystal Emotion from Dajavera

A new video of Csinka - living in Belgium. Thank You - Luc very much for all the information of small Dajavera´s girl living so faraway    Video - here

Dixi has found new home on 28.12.2008
on the picture - Crystal Emotion from Dajavera and her owner - Luc


Christmas news :-)



Dixi - black/white bitch for sale
We still have for sale b/w bitch - after Ixi x Devoted. More information in the section "puppies". CEA, CL, TNS normal by parentage.Very good character! More info by mail, Skype, ICQ.
Dixi is on the picture



Weekend 20-21.12.2008
All the puppies were moved to their new homes- exapt Crystal Emotion from Dajavera/she have left us on 17.12.2008 - by plain to Belgium - greetings to Luc:-)/ Her You can see some of them:

IX Barbórkowa Dog show -Polland-  06.12.2008  - judge Grzegorz Robak
Ballada Song Dajavera - intermed. class Ex.1, CWC

Meetings of Dajavera kennel
one meeting - as usually - between christmass and new year - 28.12.2008

Summer meeting - 1-6.7.2009 - with training agility, obedience, flyball and herding


new video

new video 13.12.2008
 Video here

Video here

Last puppy for sale    /on the picture/


new video

breakfest 7.12.2008 :-)  Video here

last puppy for sale - Dixi  Video here


puppy for sale

The last puppy is for sale - black/white bitch - named Dixi - after Ixi x Devoted


new video of the puppies

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4
Video 5 Video 6 Video 7 Video 8


new video - big lunch :-)

Video C - litter  ZDE

Video D - litter  ZDE


new video of the puppies

Video C - litter  HERE

Video D - litter  HERE


new pictures of the puppies

foto-zde   D-litter

For sale is last black/white bitch from D-litter


new video of D-litter

New video of D-puppies HERE


news in Dajavera kennel

New  video of  C-puppies  HERE
pictures will be tomorrow :-)

Ája Dajavera on the dog show in Prague Ex.2, res. CAC and she has made Club shampion !!

Bailey Dajavera passed ZOP exam - 98 points from 100!!

My very big congratulation!!


D-litter - new photos

New pictures of  D - litter



video  D-litter

New video of D-litter




Dajavera´s offsping on video

Blackberry Dajavera

Bailes Dajavera



C - puppies

New pictures of C- puppies



Ája Dajavera - exam ZPU 1

Ája Dajavera passed exam ZPU 1

our congratulation


D-litter was born

New pictures of the puppies

photos - here


D-litter was born

5 beautifful bitches were born today

2x braun, 2x redmerle, 1 b/w


Best Mate Dajavera passed ZZO exam

Best Mate Dajavera passed ZZO exam today

our very big congratulation!!



new pictures of the puppies:    PHOTOS-HERE


C-litter was born

7 beautifull puppies were born today - from 6 till 11 o´clock

4 bitches - 3 b/w and 1 ee-red
3 males - 2 b/w and 1 ee-red



Our Amy :-)

Just a picture of our Amy - hope everyday we can expact puppies


birthday of  A - litter

Best wishes to A-litter for their 2-nd birthday!!!

National dog show Brno - 18.10. - judge Matyáš /SK/
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, National winner
Beira Dajavera - Ex.2, r. CAC
Angelina Dajavera - Ex.2
Ballada Song Dajavera - VG
Best Mate Dajavera - VG

Beira Dajavera - hipscore made - HD A Free

Exams - 19.10. 2008
Bailey Dajavera - passed ZZO exam /57 p. from 60/
Barny Dajavera - passed BH exam /52p. from 60/

My very big congratulation to shows, working and heath results!!


shows - Ballada Song Dajavera a Fire on Ice of Maranns home

5.10.2008 - Europian dog show Budapest /H/- judge David Cavil /GB/
Fire on Ice of Maranns home - Ex. /from 10/

XVI International dog show Wroclav /PL/ - judge Barbara Larska
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex. 1 /from 8/


shows - Ballada Song Dajavera

Weekend 20-21.9.2008 for Ballada Song Dajavera /lives in Poland/
20.9.2008 Regional dog show - judge Elena Borisowa /BR/
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, best junior in breed

21.9.2008 XX.Club show - judge Jaroslava Ovesná /CZ/
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.1, Club winner of young class

Ballada Song Dajavare became Junior champion of Poland

our very, very big congratulation!!!


Ixi and Amy are in pup!!

We were by vet on scan today and everything is o.k., so will see after 25.10.2008 :-)


dog shows

14.9.2008 - 48-th regional dog show - Chorzów/PL/ - Hoier Charlotte /Danmark/
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, best junior in breed

15.9.2008 - III. regional dog shov - Świerklaniec/PL/ - Stella Clark /England/
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, best junior in breed

14.9.2008 - Regional dog show Dolní Benešov/CZ/
Best Mate Dajavera - Ex.1

Our congratulation!!


Birthday of our  Angelika Black Tennant

Happy birthday to You,  Angi!!!

We love You!


Regional dog show Rybníky u Dobříše

Regional dog show Rybníky u Dobříše 6.9.2008
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, regional winner
Artaban Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class

Ája Dajavera passed an obedience exam 7.9.2008- OB Z

My big congratulation!!


national show Ml. Boleslav + HD of Ballada Song Dajavera

National dog show Mladá Boleslav - Havelka T. /SK/
Ája Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Artaban Dajavera - Ex.3
Best Mate Dajavera - Ex.4
Blackberry Dajavera - Ex.4
Bailey Dajavera - Ex.
Our congratulation!

Ballada Song Dajavera is HDA - free


mating Ixi

 Ixi was mated by Devoted - everything was o.k., so we can expact, the puppies will be born around 25.10.2008


mating Amy Dajavera

Amy was mated by Flann.


Ixi is in the season

Ixi is in the season - we plan to go to Hungary for mating on friday on 29.8.2008


Amy is in the season

Amy Dajavera a Fire on Ice of Maranns Home
are planing puppies together - they start to work on it in aprox. 11 days :-)



Club show in  Brno

 judge -  Veronica Avory /GB/, 111 Border collies

Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC /open class - 13entr./
Beira Dajavera - VG /young cl.- 16 entr./
Blackberry Dajavera - G /young cl. - 16 entr../

Fire on Ice of Maranns Home - V1, CAC /intermed. class - 8 entr./
Devoted One of Maranns Home - VG4

My very big congratulation to Ája and her owner Wendy!! And thanks to Evelin that she came to show Flann and Dev!



invitation for fans of Border collies and autralien shepard

 The days of fun with the dogs - especially Border collies and australien shepard - agility, dogdancing, obedience, flyball,.. will be in Horní Suchá on 13. / 14.9.2008. All people are welcome ! More information and entries:  www.svezivitr.cz,
 mob. 732808467


exams - Ája Dajavera

Ája Dajavera succesfully passed 2 exams - ZOP a ZMT

Very big congratulation!!


Invitation for the day of Border collies - Brno - 9-10.8.2008

Days of Border collies - 9-10.8. 2008 in Brno - dog´s training area - Zetor Brno.
The club show will be on saturday from 10 am. I am very glad to see the future fathers of our puppies
 Devoted One of Maranns Home and Fire on Ice of Maranns Home there. The flyball tournament of BC will be on sunday. Everybody are welcome!!!

on the picture - Devoted One of Maranns Home


sport in Dajavera

4 Dajavera´s dogs spend last week at agility camp-Ally, Artaban, Blackberry and Bailey.

Me and my dogs we have been in Krkonoše mountain for training herding. One day we have spend in ranch of my friend - Jirka - he has 100 sheeps. For my dogs it was very good experience to work with such a huge flock. Second day we visited my friend Martin he let me train on his 20 young and wild sheeps - very nice spent time :-)) - thank You!


herding exam

 I´m Special for Gasko Prim /Ixi/ - passed herding exam - level 1
Earl - Grey z Černobílých - passed with me herding exam - level 1 - and he is going back to his home :-))

                                                                                                       Photos - here


visitor in Dajavera

 Earl-Grey z Černobílých - is in our kennel to practise herding - he will stay here for 10 days. I am very pleased to work with this dog!

 on the picture  Earl-Grey z Černobílých alias "Merlin"


inter. dog show in Brno

Inter. dog show in Brno - judgeí E.Soltez /Au./
Artaban Dajavera - V1, CAC /intermed. - 3entr./
Ally Dajavera - V2, r.CAC /intermed. -3entr./
Best Mate Dajavera - V3 /young - 6entr./
Blackberry Dajavera - V4 /young - 11 entr./
Ája Dajavera - VG /open. 6entr./

on the picture - from left side - Artaban, Ally, Ája, Blackberry, Best Mate Dajavera


Pécs CACIB show - HU

Future father of our puppies - Fire On Ice Of Maranns Home - took a part in show    Pécs 14.6.2008
r.CAC, r. CACIB - intermed. class

on the picture - Fire On Ice Of Maranns Home


exam ZOP

 Beira Dajavera passed obedience exam ZOP

Our very big congratulation!!
on the picture - Beira Dajavera


Club dog show KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav

Club dog show KCHMPP Ml. Boleslav - judge  MVDr. Ridarčíková G. /SK/

Ally Dajavera - V1, CAC, best of bitch, BOB
Best Mate Dajavera - V1, HPJ
Artaban Dajavera - V2
Ája Dajavera - V3
Bailey Dajavera - VD
I´m Special for Gasko Prim /naše Ixi/ - V1
Ally + Artaban Dajavera - 2-nd place of the pairs /from10 entr./


exams + dog show

Barny Dajavera passed 2 obedience exams - ZZO , ZOP

regional dog show - Lanškroun - judge O.Vondrouš
Artaban Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, regional winner
Ally Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, regional winner

Our very big congratulation!!!
on the picture - Barny Dajavera with his owner Pavla


regional dog show in Rokycany

regional dog show - Rokycany - judge - M.Krinke

Artaban Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, regional winner
Ally Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, regional winner
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class

our congratulation !!! on the picture - Artaban and Ally Dajavera


hipscore made - litter B

Best Mate Dajavera - HDA - free
Blackberry Dajavera - HDA - free
Bailey Dajavera - HDB

from left side: Bailey, Blackberry, Best Mate


weekend in Dajavera kennel

saturday 7.5.2008
Angelina Dajavera - passed exam ZOP
Ballada Song Dajavera - passed herding instinkt exam
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.2 /youth class - 8ent./ -
Igor Zizevskis /Litva/-Wroclav PL

sunday 8.5.2008
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of young class - Regional show Wałbrzych PL
our congratulation - on the picture Ballada Song Dajavera


web-sides of Dajavera´s offspring


Artaban, Ally Dajavera - www.dupalova.estranky.cz
Blackberry Dajavera - http://www.imborderkolie.com/

On the picture Blackberry Dajavera


weekend 31.5/1.6. 2008

Amy Dajavera - passed herding exam - level 1
Angelina Dajavera - passed exam  ZZO

regional dog show Hradec Králové - judge - Ovesná B. /Cz/
Blackberry Dajavera - ex. 1, winner of jung class
Artaban Dajavera - ex. 1, winner of intermed. class
Ally Dajavera - ex. 1, winner of class of winners
Ally + Artaban - 3-rd place of best pair /from 17!!/

Our congratulation!!
on the picture - from left side - Artaban-Ally-Blackberry a jejich paničky


herding instinkt exam

Amy Dajavera and I´m Special for Gasko Prim

passed herding instinkt exam

Pictures from our training


international dog show Litoměřice

judge - Niciewicz J. PL

Blackberry Dajavera - Ex. 3 /young class - 23!! entries/
Bailes Dajavera - Vg /young class/
Ája Dajavera - Ex. 4

on the picture - Blackberry


Artaban and Ally Dajavera

  17.5.2008 - Regional dog show in Plzeň
Artaban Dajavera  Ex.1, Winner of the class, Regional Winner
Ally Dajavera V1, Winner of the class, Regional Winner
competition in pairs:    1-st place from  6

18.5.2008 - competition in dogdancing
Artaban Dajavera division D - 2-nd place
Ally Dajavera in trio - 1-st place
Our congratulation - well done :-)


weekend in Bratislava - dog show, qualification Cruft´s 2009

 me+AmyDajavera,Ilona + Blackberry Dajavera and our friend Michaela + Beanie from Cotton home http://www.cotonhome.cz/

Amy Dajavera - Ex.3 -  17.5.
Amy Dajavera - Ex.3 -  18.5
Blackberry Dajavera - Ex.3 -  18.5.


1-st birthday o litter B

Happy birthday to all of Dajavera´s puppies of litter B !!!


web-sides of Dajavera´s offspring

Bailes Dajavera - http://www.ever-ready.cz/
Best Mate Dajavera -

On the picture Best Mate Dajavera


obedience exams

Ája Dajavera passed exam ZZO
Barny Dajavera was on our 1-st obedience competition -level ZZO and he was on 9-th place from 15 entr. /Barny is 11 month old/

our congratulation
on the picture is
Barny Dajavera


XIII. regional dog show 

XIII.regional dog show - judge O. Vondrouš
Best Mate Dajavera  - Ex. 1 - winner of youth class /young - 5entr./
Benji Dajavera - Ex. 2 /young - 5entr./

Our big congratulation!!!
on the picture - on the left side Benji - right side Best Mate


competition and dog show



Ája Dajavera - 3-rd place - competition in ZM - ZKO Milín
Ája Dajavera - 3-rd place - competition in  ZVV1 - Nadějkov
Artaban Dajavera - passed exam C1 /dogdancing/ and became  Master of Dogdancing 1, and he made qualification for final dogdancing competition of Sara´s  cup of Brasa
Ally Dajavera - passed exam B1 - dogdancing
Special dog show in Pardubice - judge-Sándor Szabó - Hungary
Best Mate Dajavera - Ex. /young - 13entr./
Artaban Dajavera - Ex. /intermed.. - 7entr./
Arny Dajavera - VG /intermed. - 7entr./
Beira Dajavera - Ex. /young -24 entr. /
Bailes Dajavera - Ex. /young - 24entr./
Blackberry Dajavera - Ex. /young - 24 entr./
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex. /young. - 24 entr./
Ally Dajavera - Ex.3 /intermed. - 9entr./
Amy Dajavera - Ex. /intermed. - 9entr./
Angelina Dajavera - Ex. /intermed. - 9entr./
Ája Dajavera - Ex. /intermed. - 9entr./
I´m Special for Gasko Prim - Ex. /open - 16entr./

on the pictures - Ája Dajavera and her cups - Amy Dajavera - Ixi /I´m Special for Gasko Prim/


 meeting of  Dajavera kennel

3.5.2008 - meeting of Dajavera kennel


 obedience competition Chlumec nad Cidlinou

Bailey Dajavera - 11 month old - was on her 1-st obedience competition - level ZZO, 49 points from 60 , 14-th place from 32 entries.

Our very big congratulation!!


International Dog show  České Budějovice

International Dog show in Čeké Budějovice - judge M.Krinke
Amy Dajavera  - V2, res CAC /intermed. class 7 entr./
Ája Dajavera - Ex.3 /intermed. class 7 entr./
Ally Dajavera - Ex.4 /intermed. class 7 entr./
Angelina Dajavera - Ex. / intermed. class 7 entr./
Artaban Dajavera - Ex.3 /intermed. class 7 entr./
Blackberry Dajavera - Ex.4 /9 young entr./


 National dog show Ostrava

National dog show Ostrava - judge ing. L. Jančík /CZ/
Ally Dajavera - V1, CAC, National winner / from 7 entr./
Amy Dajavera - V2, res. CAC /from 7 entr./
Best Mate Dajavera - V /from 7 entr./
Benji Dajavera - Vg /from 7 entr./
Blackberry Dajavera - Vg /from 11 entr./
Artaban Dajavera-Vg4 /from4 entr./ 


father of our puppies for the year  2008

Information of next litter in our kennel were put to the section "Puppies"
Let me introduce father:
Fire On Ice Of Maranns Home, Junior champion of Hungary

we do book puppies allready


 Stud dog + breeding exam

suggested to breed became Artaban, Arny, Amy, Ally and Angelina Dajavera
Arny Dajavera - HDA-free, that´s mean all litter "A" is HDA-free
Artaban Dajavera was put to the section "stud dogs"
                                                                                              STUD  DOGS


 Club show KCHMPP - Mladá Boleslav

judge - Otakar Vondrouš
Amy Dajavera - V1, CAC
Ája Dajavera - Ex.3
Angelina Dajavera - Very good
 Bailey Dajavera - Ex. 2
 I´m Special for Gasko Prim
- Ex.      

Ally Dajavera passed exam C1-dogdancing
Artaban Dajavera passed exam D1 - dogdancing and in the same class
2-nd place in the dogdancin competition


 Regional dog show in Hořovice


Ája Dajavera -Ex. 1 - Winner of the breed, Winner of the regional show

Our very big congratulation!!


 Dog Show in Prague - qualification Cruft´s 2009

Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC -  qualification  Cruft´s 2009
  from 28 entries in the class!!!!! - last qualification won our Amy - in the same class :-)
Artaban Dajavera - Ex.4
Amy, Angelina, Ally, Blackberry, Bailey Dajavera - Ex.
I thank very much to all of them for exemplary  representation our kennel
                                                                              PHOTOS - HERE             


 Ballada Song  Dajavera - training of agility

Thanks to Mariola for a nice video from their training of agility. Ballada Song Dajavera lives in Poland. Ballada is 9 month old

video here


 Angelina Dajavera - regional dog show in České Budějovice

Angelina Dajavera was at the regional dog show in České Budějovice and she has won:
Regional winner and the winner of FCI I group

Our big congratulation!!


 news from last week

 Ája Dajavera was in defence  competition on the 5-th place
Artaban, Ally and Angelina Dajavera -
they were at the vet for PRA- they are
PRA free



 Ája  Dajavera

 Ája Dajavera was on a 1-st place in defence competition /9entries/

Our very big congratulation!!!



 International dog show - Brno

Angelina Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Amy Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Ally Dajavera - Very good4
Bailey Dajavera - Very promising4
Blackberry Dajavera - Very promising
Benji Dajavera - Very promising 1
Artaban Dajavera - Ex.3
I´m special for Gasko Prim /Ixi/ - Ex.3

Artaban and Ally Dajavera - 2-nd place in competition of the best pair /28 pairs entries/

My congratulation to all!!!

                                                                                                                         Photos - HERE


 Blackberry  Dajavera

I am really glad everytime to see one of our - Dajavera´s - puppy. That time it was Blackberry visiting us. She has tried herding by us as well. Some photos from that day:

                                                                                                                         Photos - HERE


 Artaban Dajavera

Artaban Dajavera passed excellent the exams in dogdancing - A1 and B1

Our very big congratulation!!!


 lambs in Dajavera

blue-merle-girl was born today

                                                                                                                         Photos - HERE


 lambs in Dajavera

White lamb-girl was born today

                                                                                                                         Photos - HERE


 lambs in Dajavera

A new lamb was born today - it´s the black boy with the blaze

                                                                                                                         Photos - HERE


 lambs in Dajavera

A new lamb was born today - it´s the black boy

                                                                                                                         Photos - HERE


National dog show in Olomouc

National dog show in Olomouc - judge Olga Dolejšová
Ája Dajavera  -  Ex.3
Amy Dajavera  -  Ex.     
Blackberry Dajavera  - Very promising 2         
Benji Dajavera  -  Very promising 3
I´m Special for Gasko Prim /Ixi/ -   Ex. 4          Photos -HERE


1-st lambs in  Dajavera

We are very proud of our first 2 lambs - black boy and the grey girl

                                                                                                                         Photos - HERE


1. Christmas meeting of  DAJAVERA  29.12.2007

We had the 1-st christmas meeting of Dajavera. From 13 pupies from our kennel arrieved 8. The weather was lovely and we have spend a very nice day together

                                                                                                                Photos - HERE


1. Christmas meeting of  DAJAVERA kennel

29.12.2008 - the 1-st christmas meeting of our kennel - DAJAVERA


hipscore made - litter A

Artaban Dajavera - HD A-free
Dajavera - HD A-free

My very big congratulation!!!
I am very proud of our litter A as a breeder - all of the puppies/5 from 6/ which were on x-rays are HD A - free!!


  Angelika Black Tennant in magazine

The portrait of our Angelika was used in new Czech magazine about the dogs


  dog show- Ballada Song Dajavera - Polland

1.12.2007 - Dog show in Wroclav - Polland
 Ballada Song Dajavera - Very promising 1 - the best puppy in breed

Our very big congratulation to Mariola and Ballada Song!

                                                                                                                   PHOTOS - HERE


  new members of Dajavera

We have a new - very important members of Dajavera - 10 sheeps. Hope, they will be satisfied in our home :-)



  news from my family

The racing season in Czech rep. is over and I am proud of my husband - Jan Rája, he get the 2-nd place in the flat racing championchip for 2007  with 38 wins!!!       
year 2007 - 2. place
year 2006 - 2. place
year 2005 - 1. place
year 2004 - 1. place


  International dog show Prague - qualification of  Cruft´s  2008

         Amy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC - qualifyed for Cruft´s 2008 /15entries/
I´m special for Gasko Prim /Ixi/ - Ex.3 /7entries/
Angelina Dajavera - Ex. /15entr./
Ája Dajavera - Very good /15entr./
Barny Dajavera - Very promising 1
Blackberry Dajavera - Very promising 3
Bailey Dajavera - Very promising 2


 obedience exam - Ája Dajavera

         Ája Dajavera passed ZM exam

We are proud of her :-))


 hipscore made - litter A

         Amy Dajavera - HD A
            Ája Dajavera -
Angelina Dajavera -


 obedience competition - Ája Dajavera

Obedience competition in Hořovice - Ája Dajavera - level ZM - 2-nd place
                                                                         - the best defence - 1-st place

Our big congratulation!!
                                                                                                                PICTURES - HERE


 photo-pedigree of litters A, B

A new made photo-pedigree of our litters A, B - even our Amy Dajavera

Thanks to Iveta - the owner of Bailey /on the picture/ for making it!

                                                                                                              PEDIGREE - HERE


 father of our puppies for the year  2008

Let me introduce father of our future puppies - Devoted One of Maranns Home
Champion of Hungary, Austrian herding exem level 2, blue merle

more information - in the section "puppies"
Thanks to Evelin for a chance to mate with her wonderfull dog.


 their own web-sides  - Ája a Angelina Dajavera

● Angelina Dajavera

● Ája Dajavera


1-st  birthday litter "A"

Happy  birthday  to  litter       "A"  !!!



Dog show - Ája and Angelina

International dog show - České Budějovice - 6.10.2007

Ája - excellent 2
Angelina - excellent 3
Our congratulation! On the picture - Angelina


Dog show - Ája and Angelina

Special dog show in  Mladá Boleslav 29.9.2007
Ája - excellent 2

Interdog show in Mladá Boleslav 1.9.2007
Angelina - excellent 2

                                           Our congratulation - well done!!              PHOTOS-HERE


Dog show - Ballada Song

Ballada Song Dajavera - very promising 2 in a dog club show in Polland.

Our congratulation to Ballada and her owner Mariola!


New pictures

New pictures of the puppies - litter  "B". Thanks to new owners for sending me very nice photos.

                                                                                                                         Photos - here




We have spend very nice day on our friend´s western ranch, part of the day
we drove sheeps and than we were on a trip in sand quarry - Grand canyon. Thanks to Jirka and Eve for everything.
                               Photos - here


11.-12.8. Championchip of Border Collies in BH, Litoměřice

Ája Dajavera - 5.place in  ZZO

our congratulation!!!



News in the section Puppies, Litters, Photogallery.


Club dog show in Brno

Club dog show in Brno - 4.8.2007:  - Amy Dajavera - Ex. 3
                                                              - Ája Dajavera - Ex.
                                                              - Ally Dajavera - Ex.                
/from 18 entries/
                                                              - Angelina Dajavera - Very good

                                                              - Artaban Dajavera - Ex. 4    
 /from 15 entries/
  Judge - B.Kilsby /GB/                                  PICTURES-HERE


National dog show in Mladá Boleslav

National dog show in Mladá Boleslav - Amy Dajavera - Ex. 3
                                                                 - Angelina Dajavera - Ex
  Judge Niciewicz Jadwiga /PL/                      PICTURES - HERE