Dajavera in action

The last puppy for sale - her name is Enola Gay - she is very good character, very promising extarieur - on the picture :-)

visit from Polland photo from the garden Chrismas coursing


new pictures  "E" litter

Our puppies were moved the day before christmass from my home to outside home. They got to use to be there very fast and they enjoy much more room for their games, freedom and the rest of our kennel - specially Cheero :-)
The bitch no. 3 still avaible.


C.J.Dajavera - eye test
C.j. is free of known eyes deseases including goniscopy !
New puppies will be born soon
Our Amy became really big :-). She got new place in my home /after Ixi and her puppies/ and now we are waiting for new born litter F.


new  video  "E" litter

Puppies are 3 weeks old. They are allready full of energy - walking, playing, growing.
One B/W bitch is avaible - more info in section "puppies"

  video - here  


new  video  "E" litter

Puppies are 15 days old. All of them have opened eyes allready and they try their first steps. 1 girl still avaible - more info in section "puppies"

video - here video - here video - here


new  video  "E" litter

Puppies are 13 days old. They start open their eyes and to walk. For sale are just 2 black/white bitches.

C.J. Dajavera passed exam ZOP
our big congratulation :-))

Blackberry Dajavera a Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - new homepage


new photos - litter  "E"

Puppies are one week old today. Here are their weights: 520-720 g. Smallest is chocolate boy /but the most active:-)/ - biggest 2 chocolate girls. 3 black/white girls are avaible

photos - here  


nové video + photos "E"

new photos + video
Puppies are 3 days old. Everything is ok and they are so sweet :-)

photos - here video - here

to the tab below were added reservation and the names of reservated puppies


1-st pictures of litter "E"

girl 1 - 320 g
girl 2 - 310 g 
girl 3 - 310 g
girl 4 - 320 g 

Erin of Maranns Home from Dajavera
or  Energy Dajavera
girl 5 - 320 g

Erin of Maranns Home from Dajavera
or  Energy Dajavera
boy 1 - 320 g

Éro Dajavera
boy 2 - 300 g

 Everything for You Dajavera


 Litter  "E" is born

New Dajavera´s litter was born in the night. 5 girls /2 of them are chocolate/ and 2 boys /1 of them is chocolate/. More pictures later - I will go to bed right now :-))


news from Dajavera´s home

waiting for the puppies

Everything is ready for coming puppies. Ixi is allready very big - so may be at the weekend :-)


Cheero is growing and he starts to be a big boy :-). We have been for few time by the sheeps allready and we are training basic obedience.



show + mating + new pages

Artaban Dajavera

Clermont-Ferrand + Anetka + Crazy Meggy

 Grand Ch.Amy Dajavera x At JCh.Nice of You to Come bye Jerry-Lee
Our Amy has been mated by Jerry - Lee. More information about - hope - future puppies in section puppies
pictures - here

Internat. dog show Prague - judge Grygarová A. /CZ/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.1, HPJ
Artaban Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, res. CACIB
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.
Caitly Black Dajavera - VG
Don´t Worry Dajavera - Ex.
Ája Dajavera - VG
Bailey Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.1, HPJ, Junior BOB, BOB

Barny´s Dajavera webside


eye tests of offspring


Eye tests were done - MVDr. Beránek J.
Clermont-Ferrand, Caitly Black a Crazy Meggy are  free of all eye disorders and glaucom!!

some more pictures of our C-D puppies


 birthday again :-)

Destiny Hope Dajavera

D-Litter´s  birthday
My dear D-Litter - Donee, Dixi, Darsy, Dance with me and Destiny we wish You You happy birthday today.
How they grow You can take a look: I am so proud of them :-)

Dont Worry - herding Dont Worry Caitly Black
Crazy Meggy Clermont-Ferrand Destiny Hope

We will go for mating with our Amy to Austria in few days



C-Litter´s birthday
Happy birthday to our C-litter!
on the picture from the left side: mam Amy Dajavera - Crazy Meggy, Clermont-Ferrand, Caitly Black, father Fire on Ice of Maranns Home, Caddy, Crystal Emotion, Catch me and C.J.

Internation dog show České Budějovice - R.Blessing /D/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.2 /youth class/
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.3 /youth class/
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.4 /youth class/
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex. /youth class/
Ája Dajavera - Ex. 1, CAC /working class/

Bailey Dajavera passed exam ZPU 1 on 135 points



Birthday of A-litter of Dajavera
Happy birthday to our A-litter !!!

National dog show Brno - judge Kováčová /Sk/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.2 /youth cl./
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.1, HPJ /youth cl./
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.2 /youth cl./
Caitly Black - Ex.3 /youth cl./
Beira Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC /open cl./

Barny Dajavera passed exam FPR 1 for 90 points

18.10.2009 - veterinairy seminar in Prague
I took a part on veterinairy seminar in Prague on sunday. I have many new information to use in breeding :-)  MVDr. Beránek - oftalmologie of the dogs - inherited deseases, MVDr. Musil - Dysplasia, OCD,  MVDr. Láznička - insemination, dog´s gravidity



from left side: Fire on Ice of Maranns Home + Don´t Worry + Caitly Black + Clermont-Ferrand

8.10.2009 - World dog show Bratislava - judge Wheeler St./Swe/ - males
                                                                 De Ridder-Onghena Liliane/Bel./ - females

Fire On Ice of Marans Home - Ex. /open class - out of 26/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - VG
Caitly Black Dajavera - VG
Don´t Worry Dajavera - VG

3.10.2009 - exams
Crystal Emotion from Dajavera
- passed obedience exam B2 and social behavior test
Ája Dajavera - passed  PFr 1

10.10.2009 - deffence competition - cup of town Svatava
Barny Dajavera - 1-st place /out of 11/ and the best defence!!

My congratulation!!!


new litter plann

To the section "puppies" was added a new planning litter. Future parents ot this litter "G" are Blackberry Dajavera x Grizzly of Pinewood Country 

3.10.2009 - exams ZPU 1
Barny Dajavera passed exam ZPU 1 on131 points

Our congratulation!!


pedigree of  Jerry-Lee added

To section "puppies" was added pedigree of our future father :-)

 Aut JCh. Nice Of You To Come Bye Jerry-Lee


a lot of news

Tally + Ixi


Me + Cheero


Meggy + Antar + Caitly
+Donee + Bailey +
Monty + Blackberry

24.9.2009 - mating in Austria
I have spend 3 beautifull days in Austria - thank You to Lisi and Gernot for very nice time in their lovely home! Our Ixi was mated by Tally - more information about the future parents in the section "puppies". I have seen Tally working by sheeps - I love his style so much!! And - I have seen the biggest cat in my live and - speeking parot and tasted autrian beer and oil from pumpkins :-). Some pictures from my visit:
photos - here

29.9.2009 - eye test of our Ixi was done
Ixi is free of all eye disorders and glaucom!!

25.-26.9.2009 - traing weekend in Svojanov
I have spend 2 days with other Dajavera´s dogs /Bailey, Blackberry, Crazy Meggy, Caitly Black, Clermont-Ferrand, Don´t Worry/at the training weekend. Obedience, defence, agility. I took just Cheero with me and enjoyed other dogs and people working  :-)
foto - zde

club show in Polland
Darsy Dajavera - Ex. /youth class/
Dance with me Dajavera - Ex.  /youth class/
photos - here

Internat. dogshow in Wroclaw /PL/- judge B. Muller /Sw/
Dance with me Dajavera - Ex.1 - Best junior

Special club show of KCHMPP - Ml. Boleslav - judge B.Milenkovič /Srb./
Caddy Dajavera - Ex.2 /youth class/
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.2 /youth class/

Agility Luková - unofficial competition
Artaban Dajavera - 3 runs -  2x disk
   4-th place / out of 29/
Blackberry Dajavera - 3 runs - 1x disk
9-th place /out of16/
10-th place /out of 29/
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - tunnels
5-th place /out of 6/

competition of obedience - ZM rule
Barny Dajavera - 5-th place /out of 10 /
obedience 47 and defence 45 points /out of 50/

My congratulation to You!!


new stud dog

Let me entroduce a new stud dog for our Amy Dajavera - Aut Youth Ch Nice Of You To Come Bye Jerry-Lee . More infrormation in section " puppies". His pedigree is under reconstruction, will be ready very soon :-)


very sad news


By car accident have died the stud dog for our Amy - Locheil Walk like a Man - so - now we are looking for new stud dog for her. We are very very sorry


birthday day

Happy birthday to our Angelika Black Tennant. Angi is 10 years old today and as a present she got a new football ball - she was so happy of it - see the video:
video - here

Our Ixi became a grandmother today. In kennel Border Song /PL/ have 4 beatifull puppies out of Ballada Song Dajavera  - 2 girls and 2 boys. Our congratulation!


mating - show - herding

Ája Dajavera -  passed exams
Zvv2 , ipo1 , schh/vpg1

Regional show - judge M. Krinke /CZ/
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, Winner of champ. class

12.9.2009 Regional show - Liberec - judge Z. Holmerová /CZ/
Don´t Worry Dajavera - Ex.2
Bailes Dajavera - Ex.1, winner of the class, Regional winner

12-13.9.2009 Herding- Martínkovice u Broumova - judge Gavendová
 2  Collie smooth from kennelFlying ear were training in Dajavera for 1 month. And here are their success:-)
Barbucha Flying ear /Ruby/ - passed Herding instinkt test ZVOP
Alex Golden Dream Flying ear /Lex/ - passed HWT /96points from 100/
IHT - TS1 - trial /69points from 75/ - CACT, CACIT, 2-nd place in Championchip in herding Czech Rep.!!!! /not for BC and Kelpies/
pictures from herding

13.9.2009 - Ixi in season
Our Ixi is in the season - on 23-25.9.2009 we will go to visit Tally in Austria!

13.9.2009 - ram Ferda :-)
New ram for our sheeps - hope in 5 moth will be lambing time in Dajavera


working puppies :-)

Crystal Emotion from Dajavera /B/-10month old - passed obedience exam  B1
congratulation!! on the picture

Don´t Worry Dajavera - defence
My co-owned bitch at the age of 10 month - training defence. I am so proud of litter "D" for their working ability :-)
video - here


international dog show in Ml. Boleslav

Amy + Clermont-Ferrand
+Caitly Black

me + Caitly Black

inter. dog show in Ml. Boleslav - judge. J.Niciewicz /PL/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.1, HPJ, Youth winner /youth class  7entr./
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.1, HPJ /youth class  7entr./
Don´t Worry Dajavera - Ex.3 youth class  7entr./
Bailes Dajavera - Ex. 3 /open class 6entr./
Ája Dajavera - VG /open class 6entr./
Amy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC /champ.class 1/

Amy Dajavera with this CAC finished her title   Czech Grandchampion !!

photos from the show - here

regional dog show - Zetor Brno - judge Polgár A. /SK/
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex. 1 - winner of Youth class

Ája Dajavera - took part on championchip of BC Czech rep. - 4-th place  /IPO1 /

My congratulation to all!!!


working succes

Herding exams - Vys. Újezd 8.-9.8.2009 - I´m Special for Gasko Prim /Ixi/
 passed HWT exam /71 points/
 passed IHT exam /68 points/
Blacberry Dajavera - passed Herding instinkt exam

I´m also proud of Jamaica Foxy Fox with her owner Petra Půlpánová /kennel Jeffija/ - they passed HWT exam. They were training in Dajavera farm /for 3 weeks it was their 2-nd home :-)) /
photos from herding - here

Ája Dajavera - passed exam ZPU 2 and ZVV1
thanks to that she finished he title
!!!!! Czech Champion !!!!!

LVK Svojanov, agility competition category of begginers
Crazy Meggy Dajavera and her owner Anet - 1-st place!! - down picture

Breeding show - Brno - 2.8.2009 - became breeding BC:
Best Mate Dajavera
Beira Dajavera
Bailes Dajavera

My very big congratulation and I am very proud of You :-))


new champions  + club show in Brno 2009



club show Brno 1.8.2009- judgeRoss Green /GB/
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /náš Cheero/ - VP 3 /puppy from 8/
Caddy Dajavera - Ex.4 /youth class from 10/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - VG / -"-/
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC /youth class from 16/
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.3 / -"-/
Don´t Worry Dajavera - VG /-"-/
Ballada Song Dajavera - VG /open class from 15/
Beira Dajavera - VG /-"-/
Ája Dajavera - V /champ. class from 2/
Ája Dajavera picked up a very very big cup for Club champion!!!!

photos from the show - here

We have spend a very nice weekenk in Brno - we have sleped by owners of Caitly Black, we were on visit by wine producer and in the evening we enjoed barbecue - just lovely meeting of Dajavera kennel :-)

photos from the weekend - here
more photos from the weekend - here

Inter. dogshow - CACIB SPLIT 24.7.2009
Artaban Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC Hr

inter. dogshow - "Lokerse Winner" - Belgium - 19.7.2009
Crystal Emotion from Dajavera - Ex.3 /z 8 zúčastněných/ - down picture

inter. dogshow - Polland 2.8.2009
Ballada Song Dajavera
- Ex.1, CAC - the last CAC for the title of
!!!!!!!  Champion of Polland  !!!!!!!!

nat. dogshow Ml. Boleslav - judge L. Jančík /CZ/
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC /winner class/

My big congratulation and wishing more such succes :-)


Dajavera gathering 1.-6.7.2009





Dajavera gathering I

We had the 1-st Dajavera´s kennel gathering - meeting super people, super Dajavera´s offspring :-)), super fun, super training flyball, agility, fresbee, obedience, defence. We are looking forward next one - the same date - 1-6.7.2010, the same place - and hope more people coming with litters E, F and G next year !!!










many thanks to Ivet for making amazing video and putting pictures on web

◄ that´t her - thinking of if :-))


Ally Dajavera has puppies!!!

Congratulation to Your beautifull puppies    web-side - here



a lot of news :-)



Club show KCHMPP - Mladá Boleslav - judge Polgár A. /PL/
C.J. Dajavera - VP1, The best youth
Amy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC /champ.class/
I´m Special for Gasko Prim - Ex.1, CAC /working class/
Our Ixi finished the title of Czech Champion

CACIB - Belgium
Crystal Emotion from Dajavera - VP 2
on the picture - ee-red bitch

National dog show Klatovy - judge Řehánek /Cz/
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC

Regional dog show Rokycany - judge Havelka /Cz/
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1

CACIB Klagenfurt /AU/
Flash Tally of Green Borderline /future father of our puppies/ - Ex.1, CAC, CACIB

CACIB Polland
Dance with me Dajavera - VP1
on the picture

Best Mate Dajavera - passed exam BH

7.6.09 - unofficial competition agility Blansko
Blackberry Dajavera 4-th and 5-th place from 10, jumping - disk.

2x good job - puppies from litter "D"
Don´t worry Dajavera
Destiny Hope Dajavera

31.5.09 - trening of frisbee Prague

Very big congratulation to Your show and working success !!


planned litter

Let me introduce future father of our next litter:
 Locheil Walk like a Man 

more infrormation in section puppies


activities in Dajavera kennel

weekend 22-23.5.2009
Some of Dajavera´s offspring came to visit my kennel - we made some barbecaue, herding, swiming together - just perfect relax :-))
Photos - here

23.5.2009 -internat.dogshow - Prestige Leszno - judge. Piotr Król /PL/
Dance with me Dajavera - best puppy of the breed

Angelina Dajavera - passed herding instinkt exam
Best Mate Dajavera - passed exam ZOP

To Your succes my big congratlulation  :-)


planned litter

Let me introduce future father of our next litter:
 Flash Tally of Green Borderline  

more infrormation in section puppies


2-nd birthday of  B-litter

Happy 2-nd bithrday to B-litter of Dajvera



Very nice warm sunny day was at the weekend, so Dajavera went to the beach. I made a nice video of Cheero´s very first swimming :-)). My children and dogs very enjoyed this "summer" day
Video - here

Ballada Song Dajavera - living in Poland and her agility
Video - here


competition Barny Dajavera

Barny Dajavera - ZM competition

obedience-43 points, defence-41points , together 84 points-2-nd place

very big congratulation

Dixi Dajavera - visited her Dajavera´s home

Video - here


Club dog show Ml. Boleslav

Club dog show in Ml. Boleslav - judge L. Jančík /CZ/

Fire on Ice of Maranns Home - Ex.1, CAC, Club winner, BOB
I´m Special for Gasko Prim - Ex.1, CAC
Amy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Best Mate Dajavera - Ex.3
Don´t worry Dajavera - VP 1



new member of Dajavera kennel - 29.4.2009
We are very pleased to have new puppy in our kennel -blue merle male
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation - call name "Cheero"
 HERE are his pictures and more information coming soon :-)

International dog show Č.Budějovice - judge Brenner /A/
Blackberry Dajavera - Ex.4

International dog show Praha - judge  Bilsheim Heike /D/
Don´t worry Dajavera - VP 2

International dog show Lodž - Polland - judge Jančík /Cz/
Dance with me Dajavera - VP 1 - the best puppy

Club dog show BCCCZ - judge Redlický /PL/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - VP 1
Caitly Black Dajavera - VP3
Beira Dajavera - Ex.
Amy Dajavera - Ex.1

Beira Dajava - exam ZOP 1
Beira Dajavera passed exam ZOP 1

Artaban Dajavera - passed agility exam LA 1
Video - here


X. Regional dog show

11.4.2009 - X. Regional dog show - judge. Jančík

Bailey Dajavera - Ex.1, Winner of the class, Regional winner
Don´t worry Dajavera - VP1

my congratulation !!

Best Mate Dajavera - video from the deffence:



dog show + competition

New pictures of Crazy Meggy and Dixi

4.4.2009 - National dog show Ostrava - judge Václavík
Best Mate Dajavera - Ex.4 /intermed. class/
Destiny Hope Dajavera - VP 2 /puppy class/
Thanks to owner of Destiny for the video from show and home :-)

5.4.2009 - competition ZZO
Bailey Dajavera - ZZO competition - 56 points - 2-nd place from 27! entries
my big congratulation :-)

4.4.2009 - agility competition - Hradec Králové - jumping
Blackberry a Artaban Dajavera took a place - so - biggining is hard :-))

6.4.2009 - recieved Pedigrees of pupps


puppies - litter C,D - 5 month

Our puppies from litter C and D are 5 month old. Thanks to their owner for the information about them and photos:





news in the section "puppies"
links on puppies for sale

17.3.2009 - born Flann´s puppies
In kennel Bocora were born 5 puppies - 3 bitches and 2 males -our congratulation! http://border-kolie.com/vrhy/stenatka

8.3.2009 Cruft´s  - Ballada Song Dajavera
Our offspring Ballada Song Dajavera took a place on Cruft´s show in England! Thanks to her owner Mariola Kosciuczyk for the care.

22.3.2009 - Blackberry Dajavera became breeding bitch

Crystal Emotion from Dajavera - video from Belgium


Don´t  worry Dajavera - video from her 1-st deffence


news in Dajavera kennel

new Flann´s puppies
4 bitches and 1 male were born in Iew´s wonder kennel
and in Austria 10! beautifull puppies: http://www.bordercollies.at:80/
our big congratulation

Hipscore made - Barny Dajavera
Barny Dajavera - HD A free

Dajavera kennel on holiday in mountains :-))


news in section Litters

News in the section "Litters"

From the litter "D" we have kept as co-owned dog - red merle bitch Don´t worry Dajavera- she will live in kennel Ever-ready


Duocacib Brno 8.2.2009

Internationa dog show - Duocacib Brno - judge - M. Krinke /65 entr. border colies/

Amy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC - Amy finished the titel of Czech Champion

Fire on Ice of Maranns Home - BOB, CACIB, Ex.1 CAC


Flann´s puppies

Ája Dajavera and Flann have puppies :-) . 5 boys /1blue white and 4 black white/ and 1 black white girl.


Flann´s puppies

In kennel http://www.hafkins.cz/vstupte.htm were born Flann´s puppies :-) . 3 boys - black/white, blue/white, seal and 2 girls - black/white and blue/white

Our congratulation!