Erin of Maranns Home with Michelle

Ája Dajavera has puppies
in kennel Wendaja  have 5 beautifull puppies. Our big congratulation!!

Erin of Maranns Home
Erin was 2-nd on the clubchampionship in class A obedience at her age one year with her owner Michelle /12 year/. Well done girls !!!! And thanks for very nice pictures!
photos - here

Dixi Dajavera - new video
video - here

Cheero´s future offspring
Our Ixi is allready much bigger :-), I am so exciting of our litter "I".More info in the section "puppies" .In a case of Your interest in puppy from our kennel fell free to contact us.
Another puppies out of Cheero are expacting in Polland in the kennel True story . The mother is Pl Ch. Diki Rogonia /Łatka/.There we can expact puppies in the middle of january 2011 :-)

Christmass meeting
Information about it by mail :-)



Chrismas card

Angelina on defence

me + Cheero

Thanks to Petra and Gino /Gentle Eyes of Dajavera/ for Christmas card

Enjoy my Company Dajavera - new video
video - here

Angelina Dajavera - passed exam ZPU 2

Chanel Coco - new photos
photos - here

Eurodogshow 2011 - Belgium
Crystal Emotion of Dajavera - VG
Fairy Tale of Dajavera - Ex.4
photos - here

Our big congratulation and thanks for sending :-)

Litter "I"
We have been with our Ixi on USG on friday and everything is ok, Ixi is in welp!

Duocacib - Wels - Rakousko 4.-5.12.2010
We have spent the weekend in Austria with our friends Erika, Martin and their Smooth collie Moon. We have been there just with our Cheero. We had really great time there - very nice pension, meeting friends, very nice show. We have seen  Flann´s daughters there as well. Daniela and Helmut join us on saturday - we have met "our" Gipsy Girl of Dajavera, enjoyed the eating in chinese restaurant and went for short walk in park. And here is our success:

Blessed Borders Firm Foundation - Cheero - working class
saturday- judge Poduschka Aigner Phyllis /Au/ - Ex.1, CACA
sunda- judge Bregenzer Brigitte /Au/ - Ex.1, CACA
photos - here



Dajavera in action
from the left side:

Champagne Bubble,
For-ek, Cheero, C.J.

20.11.2010 - Internat. dogshow Nitra - judge Ridarčíková G. /SK/
Champagne Bubble Dajavera - VP
For-ek Dajavera - Ex.3
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.3
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.1

20.11.2010 - Special dogshow - judge Young K. /GB/
Champagne Bubble Dajavera - VP
For-ek Dajavera - VG4
C.J. Dajavera - G
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - VG1

21.11.2010 - Internat. dogshow Nitra - judge Szabó S. /HU/
Champagne Bubble Dajavera - VP, Best puppy
For-ek Dajavera - Ex.1, HPJ
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.3
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.1, CAC

We have enjoyed the show, specially was very nice to see our youngest puppy - Champagne Bubble - he is so sweet :-)
foto - here

Chanel Coco Dajavera - new video
video - here

12.11.2010 - visit from Polland - herding
Ballada Song and Dance with me Dajavera came to us to train herding:
photos - Ballada Song                       video - Ballada Song          photos - Dance with me

E-litter - 1-st birthday - 24.11.2010
Éro, Everything for You, Energy, Enola Gay, Every Sunny day, Enjoy my company and Erin of MH - celebrating their first birthday!! My big congratulation and kisses from mum!!!



Best Mate - Ally - Artaban

Exam BH passed:
Caitly Black Dajavera
Catch me Dajavera
C.J. Dajavera

Coursing competition Kozlov
Artaban Dajavera 1-st place
Best Mate Dajavera 3-rd place
Ally Dajavera 2-nd place

Best Mate Dajavera
passe exams: ZOP, BH and OB-Z

Very big congratulation!!!

Asking for news
to the owners of Dajvera´s puppies - please send me automatically all news  - welcome are pictures, videos and everything!!

Christmas meeting
Date : 26.12.2010, place: Lucký vrch, map-here, time at 10 o´clock.  more info on :konopacova@atlas.cz



Angelina Dajavera

Crazy Meggy Dajavera
Passed BH exam

Angelina Dajavera
 ZM obedience competition   4-th place, 1-st place - the best defence

Destiny Hope Dajavera
passed obedience exam ZOP - 95 points out of 100
Big congratulation to both of You!!!

New pictures of G-Dajavera´s from their age of 6 month
photos - here

New video of Chanel Coco Dajavera
video - here

New video of Charming Elisabeth Dajavera
video - here

Herding in Dajavera
The bitch of belgien sheppard Belgi   / her webside- here/passed herding exam - HWT. Martina Dočkalová with Daira /Border Collie/ passed herding test instinkt exam. They were training in Dajavera. My big congratulation!

For-ek Dajavera
passed herding instinkt exam

Puppies in Dajavera kennel
Ixi was mated by Cheero /more info in the section "puppies"/. Hope we can look forward to have puppies on 4-th of january 2011 :-)

Christmas meeting
Our meeting will be on 26.12.2010, the place will be known very soon. Our programe: meet at 10 o´clock, some longer walk, lunch and fun :-)



Saturday trip
We have been on a trip together with Ilona and her husband and our dogs - Clermont-Ferrand, Blackberry, Éro Dajavera and our Cheero. We enjoyed sunny day and at the same time we have holded 17-th anniversary of Ilona´s marriage
photos - here

Catch me Dajavera - passed ZZO exam

Artaban a Ally Dajavera - get Coursing licence

Herding in Dajavera
By chance there was coming  Ixi´s granddauughter - Brigita Bella Devon Exe.
video - here



in the section "puppies" new planned litter is added. Mother of this litter will be our Ixi and father our Cheero

Cheero - new video
video - here

Birthday - "C" and "D" litter
25.10. is the 2-nd birtday of litter C and 29.10. of our litter D!! Happy birtday my Dajavera´s children!!!

Video from flyball training 17.10.2010
video - here



17.10.2010 - Flyball in Dajavera
The flyball training was in Dajavera on sunday. The all day was sunny weather. Few dogs are ready to use box allready. So -  hope we will take a part on flyball competition next year. Video is under construction, few pictures of wonderfull day here:
photos - here

All the puppies from litter "Ch" are in new homes allready. 2 black/white boys will be living in Polland and ee-red boy Champagne Bubble is exported to Belgium to the kennel Vlassenhout  . For sale is last black/white boy Heartbeat. The last video of puppies added and Chanel Coco has her own video since she was that time in new home allready. Wish to my CH litter a lot of heath and lovely live in new homes!
video of puppies - here                         Chanel Coco - video-here

Everything for You Dajavera - Ex. 2
 dogshow Zabrze - judge.
Joanna Jezienicka- Kulik /PL/

Dance with me Dajavera
Verti is HD A, ED 0/0
our very big congratulation

19.10.2010 litter"A" - 4-th birthday
My lovely first born:  Amy, Ája, Angelina, Ally, Artaban and Arny - happy birthday to You



Dajavera in Action - dogshow in Č.Budějovice

from left side:

C.J, Ája, For-ek, Gentle eyes, Blackberry, Clermont-Ferrand and Enola Gay + owners

Champagne Bubble is avaible
more info - the tab under

Our Ixi is grandma again
In kennel True Story, in Polland is living our Darsy Dajavera, she has very nice 3 puppies. We wish heath and good owners to our grandchildren :-)
photos - here

Internat. dogshow České Budějovice - judge M.Krinke /Cz/
Gentle eyes of Dajavera - VP 1
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
For-ek Dajavera - Ex.3
Enola Gay Dajavera - VG
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
For Ája it is last CAC from champ. class and she became Czech Grandchampion
Our very big congratulation

Dogshow in Częstochowa /PL/ - judge A. Kochan /PL/
Everything for You Dajavera - Ex.2

Herding in Dajavera kennel
13 Smoth collies were in Dajavera kennel on saturday all the day long. The kennel Grenay. had the meeting here and they have spent the day by sheeps. Most of them was really very good in herdin and hope everyone enjoyed that sunny day and few of them will continue :-)
photos - here



Champagne Bubble

The last puppy from actual litter is for sale. It is ee-red boy Champagne Bubble. His exterier and character is just fantastic!! He is avaible for responsible owners, who looking for very good quality Border Collie puppy.

foto puppies - here                             Champagne Bubble - photos

Heartbeat Dajavera  - black/whte 3 month old boy is still avaible. Contact the owners:

Thanks to owners of Everything for You a Enjoy my Company Dajavera for new pictures from Polland
photos - here

Fairy Tale of Dajavera /export Belgium/ - passed  obedience exam B1
Our big congratulation

Europe dog show Celje - judge Brenda Banbury /GB/
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - 5-th
photos - here



The puppies are growing up so quickly. They go for a walk few times a day, enjoying games, other dogs and people. I am really proud of this litter, they look very promising!! Very good exterieur, nice characters. Enjoy the pictures from their age 5 and half weeks. 2 beatiffull boys are waiting for their owners - Champagne Bubble and Cheerio. For more information feel free to contact me - we underestand english and german.

photos of puppies - here

Champagne Bubble - photos                                             Cheerio - photos



Everything for You Dajavera

Internat. dogshow Wroclaw - judge Anna Kochan /PL/
Everything for You Dajavra - Ex1, youth winner

National dogshow Brno - judge Leoš Jančík /CZ/
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.1, CAC
Great Go Dajavera - VP2
Éro Dajavera - G
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Fata Morgana Dajavera - VP2
Femme Fatale Dajavera - VP3
Enola Gay Dajavera - Ex.
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Ája Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
photos - here

Enjoy my Company Dajavera - new video
video - here

2 puppies are still avaible, more info in the section Puppies



For-ek Dajavera

News from puppies life
Puppies get their first "food". Here is video from it. 2 puppies are still avaible - more info in the section "puppies"
video - here

and some more photos from Monika´s videocamera
photos - here

Fair Play Dajavera  - new pictures from Polland
photos - here

Club show - Polland - judge M. Krinke /Cz/
Everything for You Dajavera - Ex.
Fair Play Dajavera - Ex.2
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.4
Dance with me Dajavera - Ex.

Club show KCHMPP - Ml. Boleslav
For-ek Dajavera - VP 1, the best youth

Catch me Dajavera - passed exam OB Z /249points out 310/

Crazy Meggy Dajavera - passed exam ZOP

Training weekend in Svojanov
Few Dajavera´s offspring were at the training weekend in Svojanov, they have practised  agility and defence there. There was Clermot-Ferrand, Blackberry, Artaban, Femme Fatale, C.J. and Crazy Meggy. Some pictures of this weekend:
defence - here

agility - here
video - here


Ch - litter

News from puppies life
2 visitors were here on wensday - owners of Charming Elisabeth to see theis small girl and the owner of C.J. with the videocamera. Thanks to her we have nice new puppies video. 2 boys are still avaible - B/W boy Cheerio and ee-red boy Champagne Bubble. Both of them look very promising. For more information feel free to ask me :-)
video - here


Cheero - HWT

Ája Dajavera with owner


Enjoy my Company Dajavera /9 month/

dogshow - Warsawa /PL/
Enjoy my Company Dajavera - Ex.2

inter. dogshow - Krakow /PL/
Everything for You Dajavera - Ex.3

Championchip in obedience Czech rep.
Ája Dajavera - 2-nd place IPO1

10.-12.9.2010 - herding Martínkovice u Broumova - judge Radko Loučka
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - passed HWT

There was Championchip in herding in tradicional styl /not for Border Collies and Kelpies/. The 3 dogs who are training by  me/Smooth Collie/ took a part:
Čoro Moro Nirreterrit - friday - passed HWT
saturday - passed IHT1 -trial 2-nd place

Alex Golden Dream Flying Ear
sunday IHT2 trial 3-rd place on Championchip and 4-th place at all

Barbucha Flying Ear
saturday- IHT1 - trial 1-st place
sunday passed exam IHT2 - trial- 2-nd place on Championchip- 3-rd place at all

My big congratulation to everybody !!

Video from our meeting were added -video-here


Dajavera´s  meeting 2010


We had the second Dajavera´s meeting. Few days together - training flyball, agility, handling, a lot of fun and playing with our dogs. We have enjoyed it and hope next year at the same place we will meet again :-)
photos - here                      video - here

Puppies - litter "Ch"
new photos were added to the section puppies. Some of them are still avaible                           



Dance with me Dajavera

Ballada Song Dajavera

Video from training young rams - Cheero is 1,5 year old and he did it great :-)
video - here

Exterem Cup Wroclaw - 28.-29.8.2010 - Polland
 28.08. Dance with me Dajavera - 1-st place Jumping "0"
1-st place Agility "0"
 1-st place Jumping + Agility "0"
4-th place Jumping II "0"
 29.08 Ballada Song Dajavera 3-rd place Jumping"0"

My very big congratulation to Polland !!




Enola Gay Dajavera

Internat. dog show Ml. Boleslav 28.9.2010 - rozh. Grygarová A./Cz/
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.4
For-ek Dajavera - VP 2
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC, res. CACIB
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.3
Enola Gay Dajavera - Ex.3

TNS result
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - TNS carrier
C.J. Dajavera - TNS normal

Litter "CH"
The puppies are doing very well. They are just eating and sleeping :-). They have names allready and some of them are waiting for new owners. In a case of Your interest in very good quality puppy feel free to contact us :-) More info in section "puppies"
Thanks to everybody for nice gratulation for the puppies :-)


litter  "CH"

Litter "Ch" was born today. There is coming 4 boys - one of them is ee-red and 3 girls - one of them is ee-red.  All puppies weight is between 295 - 310g. The mother and pupps are well. Pictures of their first day in our world here and more information in the section "puppies"

male 1 male 2 male 3 male 4
female 1 female 2 female 3


Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera :-)

JCh.Clermont Ferrand Dajavera - TNS Normal!!!
the result of DNA test from Australia -. A.Wilton came today

Duonadube Bratislava 21-22.8.2010 /SK/
judge Kuzelj Denis - saturday,  Mach Lisbeth - sunday
JCh.Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - 2x Ex.2, res. CAC

JCh.Caitly Black Dajavera
Passed herding instinkt test exam

Regional dog show in Radomiu /PL/
Everything for You Dajavera - Ex.1, the best puppy

our big congratulation to everybody !!!


puppies + herding instinkt test exam

Litter "H"
New pictures were added to the section "puppies" of our litter H. Some of them are still avaible - in a case of Your interest - feel free to contact us

Herding istinkt tes exam - Vys. Újezd - judge Koško
Clermont-Ferrand and Crazy Meggy passed herding test exam
Our big congratulation!
video - Monty                            video - Meggy

7.8.2010 - Regional dogshow Kladno
Enola Gay Dajavera - VP 1, Winner of the class

Greetings from Belgium girl from holidays in France:-))
Our 2 ee-red Dajavera´s girl  Crystal Emotion and Fairy Tale living in Belgium were on holiday in France. Thanks to Luc and Karina for sending the pictures
photos - here

Amy Dajavera
Every day we expact to have new litter out of our Amy. She is allready so big :-)


days of BC in Brno

Amy Dajavera and cup for Club Champion


kennel Dajavera

1 -st weekend on august is the weekend of Border collies in Brno. We went there allready on friday and we visited our youngest puppies by Beira´s owner. We made some pictures of them /they will be on pages very soon/ and we agreed on their names.

Club show was on saturday. Judges:  R. Tunnicliff /UK/ and M. Krinke /CZ/. 130!! entries. I am really proud of our results :-)
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/  - Ex.2, res CAC
Femme Fatale Dajavera - VP
Catch me Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.3
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
On the end we have placed on the 1-st place - the best kennel at the show!! /on the picture - I am standing on right side next to R. Tunnicliff/

In the evening there was the meeting of our club and there I have get a cup for Club champion for my Amy Dajavera /she has to stay at home, because in 14 days she will have the puppies/

The breeding show was on sunday. For the stud are recommended:
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/
Caitly Black Dajavera
Crazy Meggy Dajavera

photos from the weekend- here



photos - Cheero

Cherro - new photos
Thanks to my father for taking a new photos of our Blessed Borders Firm Foundation -  Cheero. I have change his profil photo, I have updated his fotogallery  and I have put some more pictures from herding
photos from herding

Caitly Black Dajavera - new pages
pages - here

Enjoy my Company Dajavera - new video
video - here

Dog show - Zakopany /PL/
Everything For You Dajavera - Ex.1, the best puppy
new photos of Storm - here


H-litter was born

H-litter was born on 15.7.2010
we have 3 boys and 2 girls. All are B/W and very beautifull. More info in section "puppies"

Darsy Dajavera - X-ray
Darsy is HDA free, ED free

Catch me Dajavera has passed exam ZOP

National dogshow Ml. Boleslav - judge. T. Havelka /SK/
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.2, res. CAC
Enola Gay Dajavera - VP
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC

Agility training
Anetka + Crazy Meggy Dajavera

Amy is in pup
We have been on sono today



Klárka + Destiny Hope Dajavera

Enjoy my Company Dajavera
new photos - here

dogshow Warszawa - J. Adamovska /PL/
Darsy Dajavera - Ex.1 /intermed. class/

Destiny Hope Dajavera
Destiny has passed her first agility competition after her car accident. She was operated after and they put away her coxa. She had very well recovery than and we are very happy of it :-)
video - here

Our holidays in Hungary
The second week in july we have spent in Hungary in a kennel
Blessed Borders, We took our Cheero /Blessed Borders Firm Foundation/ with us as well and we used oportunity to train herding there. We enjoy our time there with the other dogs and active puppies as well. Some of them are still avaible. In a case of Your interest You can contact Blessed Borders kennel or me as well. Thank You Eveline and Ákos for very nice time by You and for training! We have enjoyed it :-)
photos from herding - here             another photos from herding- here
photos of the puppies - here            another photos of the puppies - here

Herding in Dajavera kennel
2 smooth collies are training herding in our kennel. They have passed the exams 10.-11.7.2010. Our congratulation!!
Barbucha Flying Ear
- saturday - has passed exam HWT
sunday - has passed exam IHT 1 - excellent, 2-nd place, res. CACT
Alex Golden Dream Flying Ear - sunday - passed exam IHT 2 - Excellent, 2-nd place, CACT
photos - here



On the picture - greeting from Belgium - Karin with 2 ee-red  Dajavera´s - Crystal Emotion from Dajavera and Fairy Tale of Dajavera.

Darsy Dajavera-DCDC Poznan /PL/
Darsy Dajavera frisbee competition -4-th place out of 16!!

Barny Dajavera-exam IPO
Barny Dajavera passed exam IPO- 96-94-94, together 284-VG. New picture on his web-sides
 photos - here

Ája Dajavera
Passed herding test exam

Genle Eyes of Dajavera
video - here

Éro Dajavera
 New pictures of Éro and his new sheeps

J.CH.Caitly Black Dajavera

My big congratulation to working success and thanks all for sending me new pictures and videos :-)


planned litter  "CH"

21.6.2010 - mating Wienna

Thanks to Heidi for oportunity to use such a wonderfull dog!

 Czech Grand Ch. Amy Dajavera x Multi Ch.Hotnote Good News
more info - here - section puppies


Intercanis Brno

I have get very nice birthday congratulation from my polish Dajavera´s offspring. Thank You very much for it :-)


Intercanis Brno 19.6.- judge. Anna Kochan /PL/
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, res. CACIB
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, CACIB

my big congratulation !!


Amy Dajavera - ZOP

G.CH. Amy Dajavera passed obedience exam ZOP
We have passed an obedience exam ZOP /90 point out of 100/. Amy did a good job:-). With this exam our Amy finished her titul "Club Champion". I am really proud of it.
Fire on Ice of Maranns Home - passed obedience exam ZOP
82 points out of 100

 Regional dog show in Kalizsu /PL/
Darsy Dajavera - Ex.2

Club show KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav - judge Paroci Pal
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, best bitch
Caitly Black Dajavera with this CAC finished her Czech Junior Champion. She is allready the 3-rd puppy out of litter "C" with this titul. Well done!

Regional dog show Lanškroun
Our Dajavera team/on the picture/ was on reg. dogshow- not with our dogs this time, but to work in the ring. I had the ring for FCI I. It was very interesting to see show from other side, we enjoy it very much - and next year - again:-)


a lot of good news

Nationals Winners Clermont-Ferrand + Crazy Meggy


Dance with me Dajavera - frisbee

Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ + C.J. Dajavera
Videos from Herding instinkt test:
video - C.J. - here              video - Cheero - here

Dance with me Dajavera /PL/
new video of agility - here

frisbee competition- Wroclaw- Polsko
Dance with me Dajavera - starters - 8-th from 24
video-here         video-here
Darsy Dajavera - starters - 15-th from 24
video-here           photos-here

Ballada Song Dajavera - free style
video - here

Barny Dajavera - passed ZM and ZUP2 exams
ZM 141 points - 47-47-47 - well done
ZPU2 243 points

Angelina Dajavera - passed ZPU1 exam

National dog show - Leszno /PL/
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex. 1, CWC /champ. class/

National dog show Klatovy - 5.6.2010 - judge. M.Krinke /CZ/
Angelina Dajavera - VG /open class./
For-ek Dajavera - VP 1
Ája Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC /champ.class/
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC /intermed.class/
J.Ch.Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera /intermed.class/ - Ex.1, CAC, National winner
Crazy Meggy Dajavera /intermed.class/ - Ex.1, CAC, National winner, BOB

Crazy Meggy finnished her title Czech Junior Champion
photos - here

My very big congratulation to all Dajavera´s offspring for their working and shows success!!! Well done!!! And thanks to all owners for sending me such nice news, pictures and videos!



Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - eyes test
 Cheero passed eyes test by  MVDr. Beránek - free of eye desieses and glaucom

Litter "G"
All puppies from litter "G" are reservated on a moment.
new photos - here

29.5.2010 -Cheero and C.J. Dajavera passed herding instinkt test exam
on the picture :me + Cheero /Blessed Borders Firm Foundation/


X-ray of BBFF + mating

Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - X-ray
Official result - HDA free, OCD free

Litter "H" is planned
In the section "puppies" there is a new information about the mating of our H-Litter :-)



Blessed Borders Firm Foundation - Cheero


Clermont-Ferrand + Crazy Meggy Dajavera

Jelenia Góra - judge B.Czempas /PL/
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.2, champ. class

 Inowroclaw /PL/
Darsy Dajavera - Ex.

Bratislava - Springduodanube
saturday - judge
Judit Korózs-Papp /HU/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.3
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC

sunday - judge Javor Davor /HR/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, res. CACIB
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC

40. Regional dog show - Hradec Králové - judge J.Ovesná /Cz/
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation - Cheero - Ex.1, Winner of Youth

Litter "G"
The last puppy from this litter is avaible. Gently Eyes of Dajavera is very promising puppy - more information by ask :-)
video - here

Litter "B" - 19.5.2010 - their 3-rd birthday
All the best to You my Litter "B"



Gently Eyes of Dajavera

Crazy Meggy Dajavera - passed ZZO exam
Meggy passed exam for 58 points from 60! Our congratulation

Litter G - last puppy avaible
The last boy from G-litter is free - Gently Eyes of Dajavera. More info by ask :-)
photos - here



C.J and Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera

Special dog show of BC Opatovice - judge Suzanne Naprawnik  /Au/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.3
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC

Internat. dog show Praque  - judge Silvia Schaffer /Au/
Bailey Dajavera - Ex. 3

puppies - litter "G"
Some of them are waiting for new owners
new video - here
new photos - here

Dance with me Dajavera - new web sides
Verti - lives in Polland has new web sides:



Internat. dog show  České Budějovice - judge. A. Kováčová /SK/
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.3
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.3
Ája Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC

Internat. dog show Opole - PL - rozh. Ridarčíková /SK/
Ballada Song Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC, res CACIB
Dance with me Dajavera - Ex.

puppies - litter "G"
We have visited our puppies - litter G on sunday. They look very promising, starting opening their eyes. Some of them are still avaible. You can contact me for more information:-)


  Club dog show Mladá Boleslav

Caitly Black Dajavera

17.4.2010 - Club dog show in Mladá Boleslav - judge M.Marušková /CZ/
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.3 /youth class from 8/
Fire on Ice of Maranns Home - Ex.3 /open cl. from 7/
Bailey Dajavera - Ex.3 /open cl. from 8/
Ája Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC /winner class/
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC, Jn. BOB /young cl. from 5/

Litter "G"
The puppies are doing very well. Few of them still avaible, in a case of Your interest You can contact me
video - here

C.J.Dajavera - new webside

Enjoy my Company Dajavera
new photos - here

Everything for You Dajavera
new photos - here

Forever with Kogito Easter from Dajavera
new photos - here


  our litter "G"

13.10.2010 - litter"G"
Litter "G" was born - 4 males - 2 of them are b/w, 2 chocolate, 1 b/w bitch
 photos - here

10.4.2010 -  Angelina Dajavera passed exam ZM

3.4.2010 - XI. Dog show  M.Boleslav - judge M.Krinke /CZ/
Don´t Worry Dajavera - Ex.1, Winner of the class
Bailey Dajavera - Ex.1, Winner of the class, Regional winner, Winner of the show Mladá Boleslav

5.4.2010 - Dogshow in Hořovice - judge. L. Jančík/CZ/
Angelina Dajavera - Ex.1, Winner of the class

10.4.2010 - National dogshow  Ostrava - judge Vondrouš /CZ/
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.3 /young cl. from 8/
Blessed Borders Firm Foundatin /our  Cheero/ - Ex.2 /young class from 10/

Catch me Dajavera - eyes test
Catch me - passed eyes test by  MVDr. Beránek, free of eye desieses and glaucom



Éro Dajavera + me

27.3.2010 - training of Flyball - Chrudim
Few pictures of our "first spring" training of Flyball

Dance with me Dajavera - new photos
Thanks to Klaudia for new pictures of Verti from Polland : photos-here

2.-5.9.2010 - 2-nd Dajavera gathering
2-nd Dajavera´s meeting is planning at the 1-st ceptember weekend in this area

All Dajavera´s offspring have to recieve the email with the details /if not - please - contact me/




28.3.2010 - breeding show
For breeding were recommanded those Dajavera´s offspring:
C.J. Dajavera
Caddy Dajavera
JCh. Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera

photos and videos Dajavera offspring litter "E" and "F"
Erin of Maranns Home from Dajavera - photos-here
Enjoy my Company Dajavera - video-here
Fairy Tale of Dajavera - photos-here
thank You for them:-)

20.3.2010 - Memorial of Cyrila Chvojky - Říčany
Angelina Dajavera - 3-rd place /from 12/kathegory ZZO with Václava Kovárnová
big congratulation!! on the picture

20.3.2010 - qualification on MW agility /PL/ - judg.J.Sloniewicz
Ballada Song Dajavera - 1-st place in kathegory. LA 0 /z 25!/  with Klaudie Pudlarz
big congratulation !!!

kennel in Polland- The Best of Gajowy puppies avaible
2 puppies - one girl and one boy still avaible in the kennel. In a case of Your interest - contact the owners of kennel
photos of  puppies - here




lambs in Dajavera
the last lambs were born - we have together 9 sheeps and 5 rams.

dog show in Drzonkow /PL/ - judge W. Mrowiec - 7.3.2010
Dance with me Dajavera - Ex.1, HPJ

all the puppies from litter "F" are in new homes, Fairy Tale is living in Belgium, Fan Fan Tulipan and Fair Play in Polland. New home found Energy of Dajavera as well. So we wish to them just super live !!

Blackberry Dajavera - ultrasound
Jerry was on sono. She is in pup :-). The puppies would be born around 15.4.2010




Energy of Dajavera na prodej

Energy of Dajavera for sale again
3 month old chocolate bitch is for sale. Super exterier, super character. More infrormation by me or owner: Hanka mobil: 00420
724 604533.
photos - here

2.3.2010 -our Blessed Borders Firm Foundation - 1-st birthday
All the best to You my "little" boy :-))

Lambing in Dajavera
From 2 sheeps we have 6 lambs!!

C.J. Dajavera - x-race
C.J. is HDA free, OCD free - our big congratulation

Fire on Ice of Maranns Home - eyes tests
Flann has passed eyes test - Everything is ok, glaucom free!!

Crystal Emotion from Dajavera - Brevet test
Csinka /living in Belgium/ passed  Brevet test with 95 points from 100. The final test - she was the best one - with 99 points out of 100!! Our big congratulation!!



Fair Play Dajavera

Caddy Dajavera - x-race
Caddy is HDA - free, OCD free
our big congratulation!!!

lambs in Dajavera
4 lambs were born last week in Dajavera

mountains and Dajavera
we have spend a weekend in mountains
photos - here

puppies "F"
Puppies are leaving Dajavera kennel to their new homes. Fan Fan Tulipan is reservated and now is waiting only ee-red boy - Fair Play Dajavera for his new owners. He has very promising exterier - super pigmentation, good angulation, very good character. We have took nice pictures of litter "F".
photos - here


Videos + photos

Fair Play + Fan Fan Tulipan

New pictures of the puppies :-)
new photos - here

2 boys - black/white  and ee-red are still avaible /on the picture/. Both of them are very very good character, very promising exterieur.

Fan Fan Tulipan - video - here Fair Play - video - here



Caddy Dajavera - eyes test
Caddy Dajavera is free from eyes deseas - glaucom free

Barny Dajavera - new pictures

Lambing time in Dajavera
First lambs were born this year :-)

12.2.2010 Blackberry Dajavera - mating
Blackberry was mated by Mexx /Au/ - more information in section "puppies"


Duo Cacib Brno

Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera

Duo Cacib Brno - 6.2.10 - R. Blessing
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.
Angelina Dajavera - Ex. 4
Ája Dajavera - Ex.2, rez. CAC /champ.class/

Duo Cacib Brno - 7.2.10 - Redlicki /PL/
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.4
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - VG 4
Don´t Worry Dajavera - VG
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - V1, HPJ, junior BOB
finished the title of Czech Juniorchampion
our very big congratulation

F- litter
photos - here



Video of  F-litter from the age of 3,5 weeks  - here

to the section "puppies" new rezervations were added

Enjoy my Company Dajavera - video - here
1-st video from Polland :-)

Destiny Hope Dajavera /15 month old/

Blackberry Dajavera - in season
Blackberry´s season started - next week we are going to Wienna for mating. If everything will be ok we can hope the litter "G" will be born on 10-14.4.2010.


F litter + HD

Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - HD A - free, OCD free
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - HD A - free
Caitly Black Dajavera - HD A - free
My congratulation - I am really proud of it :-)

Aktualization "litter"
To section Litters - litter E was added  HERE

New pictures of F-litter / 3 weeks old

  ee-red boys ee-red girls  
male 1 / ee-red male 2 / ee-red male 3 / b-w male 4 / b-w
female 1 / ee-red female 2 / ee-red female 3 / b-w female 4 / b-w


Energy of Dajavera

Energy of Dajavera left Dajavera kennel
Gina left our kennel today - on the picture - long long waiting for the owner :-))

2-nd Dajavera´s meeting
will be at the same date as last year - 2.-6.7.2010. The place will be changed - near to Brno. More details - coming soon



Energy of Dajavera for sale

Energy of Dajavera na prodej
Energy of Dajavera is for sale - the owner is not in contact with me more than one week - so - she is avaible.
photos - here

Litter E - in new homes
Erin of Maranns Home from Dajavera will be living in Belgium kennel Of Maranns Home.  Everything for You and Enjoy my company Dajavera will live in Polland. Éro, Every Sunny day a Enola Gay Dajavera stay in Czech republic. We wish all the best to them :-)
photos of Erin from Belgium

Litter F
Some sweet pictures of litter F:


National dog show Olomouc

Beira with her owner

National dog show Olomouc - judge Havelka /SK/
Beira Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.3
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.3
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.4
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.
congratulation  :-)

Enola Gay Dajavera has her owner. All puppies from litter "E" are reservated allready. Some of litter "F" are avaible :-)

Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera
new video of his growing up

  video - here  


F - litter

The F-litter was born on 31.12.2009. We have 8 puppies - 4 ee-red and 4 b/w.
More pictures here:

dog 1 / ee-red dog 2 / ee-red dog 3 / B-W dog 4 / B-W
bitch 1 / ee-red bitch 2 / ee-red bitch 3 / B-W bitch 4 / B-W


videos E-puppies

Few videos of our E-pupps were made today. The last girls for sale has her own video - so You can see how promising she is :-)

Video - Enola Gay video 1 video 2
video 3 video 4 video 5