update - last of the year :-)





*** Cheero´s offspring ***
"C" Kogito Easter
 The last 2 beautiful puppies in kennel Kogito Easter.

 "A" Banataj Wind
Puppies for sale in kennel Banataj Wind.
photos - here

Findlay Dream Australis
Thanks to Germeny to the owner of Findlay for sending annual photos :-). Findlay 5,5 month old - slate merle
photos - here

*** Christrmas walk ***
29.12.2011 - our traditional christmas walk is over. Thanks to Jan /owner of Éro/ for the organization a wonderful walk, nice pub and excellent wine :-), thanks to Ilona for pictures and thanks Monika for christmas present to our flyball team - beautiful tennis ball earrings :-)
photos - here

*** Dajavera´s ***
31.12.2011 - our F-litter will celebrate their 2-nd birtday. Our very big congratulation!!




"A" Banataj Wind


*** Puppies ***
Dajavera - litter "J"
Our litter "J" is in new homes. We wish You a good life with Your new owners. Thank them for sending first pictures :-)
photos - here

Thanks to Ilona /owner of Blackberry and Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera/ for making last pictures of our "J" puppies and nice photos from our walk
photos - here

Dajavera - litter "L"
Blackberry Dajavera starts her season 25.12.2011. If everything is ok we will go for mating to Holland on the first week of january 2012. Litter "L" could be born in the begining of march 2012. More info in the section "puppies".

*** Cheero´s  puppies ***
"C" Kogito Easter
New pictures of puppies in kennel. Kogito Easter. Some of them are still avaible, feel free to contact the owner or me.
photos - here

22.12.2011 - "A" Banataj Wind
Another beautifull Cheero´s litter is born in kennle Banataj Wind.  8 very promising puppies - 5 girls - 1 blue merle, 1 slate merle, 1 blue and 2 black/white and 3 boys - 1 blue and 2 black/white. In a case of Your interest in puppy from this interesting litter feel free to contact the owner or me.
photos - here

*** Christmas walk ***
Traditional Dajavera´s christams walk will be on 29.12.2011! More infos by mail.

Dajavera kennel wish to everybody merry christmas and happy new year 2012!



Puppies for sale in Poland
In kennel True story are 2 beautiful girls for sale - black/white and red merle. CEA, CL, TNS free by parents. Pictures on the left. In a case of Your interest please contact the owner. More infos on webside: True story


Dajavera´s puppies - litter "J"
Our puppies are 6 weeks old. They are doing very well. We will make vaccination and chips this week and next weekend they are going to new homes. Some pictures:
photos - here


Puppies in kennel Kogito Easter sired by our Cheero

In kennel
Kogito Easter
was born 6 puppies sired by our Cheero.
If You are interested in one of the puppy, contact me or owner of the bitch :-)
3 boys and 3 girls.



HCh. Brownstone at Mystic Pearl

*** Dajavera´s ***
Channel Coco Dajavera
Internat. dog show Nitra /SK/- Ex.4

Child Chipper Dajavera
CHip is going to train herding. As his owner said he loves it :-)
 photos - here

Gipsy Girl of Dajavera
Has passed her first resque exam - 191 points out of 200!
Big congratulation!!!

*** Puppies ***
We have spent few days in Hungary - 1.-2.12.2011. Our Ixi was mated by really wonderful dog - HCh. Brownstone at Mystic Pearl. Thanks again Judit and her family - owner of Stony - for very kind reception, very nice wine and dinner :-). Hungary was wonderful as usually - nice people, beautiful historical town Tata, military citadel and thermal spa in Komárom. So - another "mating" holiday is over and hope around 30.1.2012 we could expect puppies out of this interesting mating. In a case of Your interest feel free to contact me. More info in the section "puppies".
 photos - here



Fairy Tale

Crystal Emotion

*** Dajavera´s ***
Channel Coco Dajavera
has passed ZPU exam - very goog

Irish Storm Dajavera
has passed ZOP exam for 97 points /out of 100/
My very big congratulation!!

4I-th Eurodogshow - Belgium 20.11.2011
judge Patricia Wilkinson /GB/
Crystal Emotion from Dajavera - Ex.4
Fairy Tale of Dajavera - Ex. 3

Litter "E" - 2-nd birthday
Happy birtday to You!!! And greeting from Poland from Enjoy my company Dajavera: video - here

*** puppies ***
Our puppies are 4 weeks old. I have moved them to the garden - they have plenty of space for their games, other dogs and a lot of things to see there :-)
video - here

Our Ixi started her season. So - next week we are going to Hungary for mating. If everything is ok we can expect another Dajavera´s litter on the end of January 2012. More information about this interesting litter is in the section "puppies"


Angelika Black Tennant  16.9.1999 - 18.11.2011

18.11.2011 has died my first border collie Angee. You will stay in our hearts forever!


new pictures of our puppies

New pictures of our current litter "J" :-)


Jolly Joker Dajavera Jet Black Dajavera Jack in the box Dajavera
Jackpot Dajavera Jing Jang Dajavera



Fata Morgana Dajavera

Ilona with Blackberry and multi Ch. Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera

Daniela and Gipsy Girl of Dajavera

Incredible Isabeu :-)

*** Dajavera´s ***
Channel Coco Dajavera
TNS carrier, annual eye test incl. glaucomma - clear

For-ek of Dajavera
TNS Normal

Gipsy Girl of Dajavera
has passed exam BGH3 - 97 points out of 100

Barny Dajavera
  Barny - ZVV1 /obedience competition/ - 3-rd place
video - here
Barny started on 15,30 min. on the video

Blackberry Dajavera
has passed herding exam - HWT

Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera
has passed herding exam - HWT
With this exam he has fulled those titles::
Czech Champion
Slovakian Champion
Club Champion BCCCZ

Isabeu Dajavera
has passed herding instinkt test exam

internat. dog show Praque - judge A. Grygarová /Cz/
Heartbeat Dajavera - Ex.2
Channel Coco Dajavera - Ex.3
Femme Fatale Dajavera - Ex.4
Bailes Dajavera - Ex.
Angelina Dajavera - Ex.1
Fata Morgana Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, CACIB

My very big congratulation to Your working and health results!!

*** Puppies ***
Our puppies are going very well, they have been the first time unwormed, their eyes are opened and they try to walk :-)
photos - here

*** Cheero´s progeny ***
Good news from kennel Kogito Easter - Kety is in welp, so - hope in about 3 weeks we can expact Cheero´s pupps :-)



Artaban Dajavera

Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera

Adventure Lásky dar
Cheero´s  daughter 

*** Dajaveráčci ***
Channel Coco Dajavera
has passed basic obedience exam ZOP on ex. 98 points /out of 100!!/

Fata Morgana Dajavera
has passed basic obedience exam ZOP on 84 points- VG

22. 10. Bye-bye Summer DiscDog Fun Weekend - 93 entries
... photos - here ..

1-st round - Minidistance
Clermont Ferrand Dajavera  30 -th place - 14,5 p.
Blacberry Dajavera 34-th place - 14 p.
 Artaban Dajavera 45-th place - 12 p.
 Ally Dajavera 71-st place - 7,5 p.

Blackberry Dajavera - 4-th place !!
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera 26-th place
Artaban Dajavera - 62-nd place
Ally Dajavera- not good at all :-)

My very big congratulation to Your sports success!!

*** Flyball ***
DogSports has made for us a slow motion video from our last flyball competition. You can see wonderful shots of our border collies:
  ..... here .....

*** Puppies ***
Our pupps are doing great. Their weight is between 720 - 800 g. All of them are reservated! The names were added :-)

*** Cheero´s offspring ***
New pictures of Cheero´s pupps in a age of 5 weeks. /2 blue merle bitches, 2 b/w boys/. Some of them are still avaible. Their mother is beautiful tricolor bitch Endurance Silver Breeze photos of mother. In a case of Your interest in those litter, feel free to contact me, or the owner hete.likoli@tiscali.cz
photos of pupps


litter "J"

New pictures of the pupps. They are going very well as they mother :-)
In a case of Your interest of the puppy, feel free to contact me. Female is reservated!

male no. 1 b/w male no. 2 b/w male no. 3 b/w
male no. 4 ee-red female b/w


litter "J"

6.30 b/w female 320g
8.10 b/w male 320g
10.30 b/w male 400g
10.45 ee-red male 400g
18.30 b/w male 350g

more photos tomorrow :-)



For-ek of Dajavera

Anakin Lili Star


Dajavera can fly.. on Fitmin


*** Dajavera´s ***
Channel Coco Dajavera
has passed basic obedience exam ZZO - 57 points /out of 60/ - 1-st place from 8!

For-ek of Dajavera
Special club show KCHMPP - judge Václavík
Ex.1, CAC, Best male, Winner of the show
my very big congratulation!!!

october - our birthday month :-)
Those Dajavera´s have birthday in october:
19.10. - 5-th birthday - litter"A"
25.10 - 3-rd birthday - litter "C"
29.10. - 3-rd birthday - litter "D"
We wish You good heath, plenty of love, a lot of work and happy life with Your best owners in the world!!

videoprezentation of our kennel - here

*** Cheero´s progeny ***
Thanks to the owners of  Findlay Dream Australis for sending pictures from Germany :-)
foto - zde

 Anakin Lili Star - new picture

In a kennel Navi Island there were born 6 puppies - 2 black/white males, 1 blue, 2 slate merle bitches, 1 blue. Big congratulation
more info - here

*** Flyball ***
15.-16.10.2011 - Budějická tlapka
The last and the biggest flyball tournament of the season 2011. 28 teams took a part - incl. 3 from Belgium and 2 from Austria - 5 division. We attended the 2-nd one with 6 other teams.

Our basic line up were :Catch /Catch me Dajavera/, Jane /C.J.Dajavera/, Jerry /Blackberry Dajavera/ and Frenn /Fata Morgana Dajavera/, as backups were Ixi and Monty  /Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera/. We have had really good runs on saturday by speed trials. Our times have been under 19s. We have made a new team record - 18,41s! This day - 2-nd place. Sunday - Double elimination - 3-rd place.

That was really successful end of this season for us - making our new record, the times under 19 s - for one second better than on the beginning of this year!

My big thanks belongs to our loader - Michael for his very good job on our tournaments. And another very big thanks to our team sponsor - company  Dibaq - producer of pet food - Fitmin

Saturday - Speed trial - 2-nd place -  18,41 s - our new record
Sunday - Double elimination - 3-rd place - 18,53 s

video - here
more photos - here /not only of our team/

Dajavera can fly.. on Fitmin


breeding planns

I have put informations about our breeding planns to the section "puppies". 2 more liiters are planned for winter/spring 2012 and one litter is expacting in about 10 days :-)

videoprezentation of our kennel  - here

on the picture - H.Ch. Brownstone at Mystic Pearl - stud dog for Ixi



Isabeau Dajavera





Jana + Gina a Já + Cheero


*** Dajavera´s ***
Everything for You Dajavera
clear annual eye test - incl. glaucomma

Channel Coco Dajavera
has passed obedience exam - OB Z -293 points - ex.!! 2-nd place!!
video - here

Artaban Dajavera
is father again - in kennel Od Dupíků
more infos - here

Isabeau Dajavera - new photos
photos - here

Inter dog show České Budějovice - judge Havelka /SK/
Femme Fatale Dajavera - Ex.
Fata Morgana Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
C.J.Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC!!

C.J.Dajavera finished her title - Cz Champion!!

Blessed Borders Firm Foundation "Cheero" - has passed exam ZOP
Me and Cheero and my friend Jana with her border collie Gina took a part on basic obedience exam - ZOP. Our dogs did really a good job and we have passed exam with wonderful result - Cheero - 97 points /out of 100/ - excellent, Gina - 94 point - excellent.

Cheero with this exam finished his title Club Champion BCCCZ

*** Dajavera ***
Thanks to Ilona /owner of Blackberry and Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera/ for making wonderful video presentation of our kennel.
Presentation of Dajavera kennel - here



Dajavera in action - Club show BCCCZ

Our club Champions:

Crazy Meggy Dajavera and her owner Anetka

Caitly Black Dajavera


Pchla Szachrajka /PL/
best puppy of breed

Cheero´s offspring :-)

*** Dajaveráčci ***
Dance with me Dajavera
new agility video - here

Everything for You Dajavera
Show- Lódž /PL/ - Ex.4
Recomended for the breed - so - a beautiful, healthy chocolate stud dog avaible in Poland!
Everything for You Dajavera
new video from herding  - here

Hurricane Lady Dajavera
Agility - Nemošice -  "L"
Jumping - 2-nd place!!
Regional dog show Liberec
Ex.1, Winner of the class
photos - here

Fair Play Dajavera /PL/
Show Lódž - Ex.3
Show Chorzóv - Ex.1, CWC
Show Bedzin - Ex.1, CWC, Best male
photos - here

Crystal Emotion from Dajavera a Fairy Tale Dajavera
Obedience Championchip /Belgium/
Crystal Emotion - group 1 - 1-st place /out of 8/
Finals - 4-th place /out of 24/

Fairy Tale - 84 points /out of  100/
foto - zde

National show Brno - judge M.Krinke
Fata Morgana Dajavera - Ex.3
Channel Coco Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC
Ája Dajavera - Ex. 2, res. CAC

Club show BCCCZ - Brno - judge - married couple Bailey /UK/ - 121 entries!
Channel Coco Dajavera - Ex.3
Fata Morgana Dajavera - Ex.
Femme Fatale Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.4
Ája Dajavera - Ex.
photos - here

Club Champions in Dajavera!
2 of Dajavera´s offspring get a club Champion title /collecting points for shows and working exams/:
Crazy Meggy Dajavera
Caitly Black Dajavera

My very big congratulation!

*** herding ***
4 smooth collies spent a herding training weekend at Dajavera 17.-18.9.2011
photos - here

*** Cheero´s  offspring ***
PCHŁA SZACHRAJKA True Story /PL/ - show
VP 1 - Best puppy of the breed

First pictures of Cheero´s pupps
mother: Endurance Silver Breeze - 2 blue merle girls and 2 b/w boys
photos- here



Darsy Dajavera



Gipsy Girl of Dajavera



Cz Grand Ch., Club ch. Ája Dajavera

*** Dajavera´s ***
Ája Dajavera - Championchip of border collies 2011 - IPO1 - 1-st place !!!

Ája Dajavera - regional dog show
Ex.1, Winner of champion class, Regional winner

Femme Fatale - has passed exam ZPU1

Darsy Dajavera
Final of DCDC - dogfrisbee Poland
MDR +/+ normal
photos - here

Gipsy Girl of Dajavera - has passed exam BGH2

Chanel Coco Dajavera
HD, ED A -free

Fata Morgana Dajavera - has passed herding exam HWT /76points/

Our very big congratulation!

*** herding ***
Championchip and clinique of herding TS Martínkovice - 9.-11.9.2011
I have spent 3 lovely working herding days in Martínkovice. There was championchip in Traditional Style /other breeds than Border collies and kelpies/ at the weekend and friday has been a clinique by Wilfried Scheld /Germany/. It was so contribution!
Some people who are training in Dajavera has took a part on trials and Championchip.
From border collies - it was Fata Morgana Dajavera and Atawa z Lantíkova - both of them have passed HWT for 76 points.
Championchip of Czech republic:
Alex Golden Dream Flying Ear /smooth collie/ - 121 points - 4-th place
Barbucha Flying Ear /smooth collie/ - 118 poins - 5-th place
Alex gets his last CACT and he bacame Czech Working Champion!
My congratulation!
video of Alex - here

*** Our dog pack ***
My oldest border collie - Angelika Black Tennant has her 12-th birtday on friday 16.9.2011. We wish You health and all the best. We love You our Angi!

*** Cheero´s offspring ***
new pictueres of Cheero´s puppies from kennel Lili Star:
Andy Lili Star
Anakin Lili Star

13.9.2011 - another puppies are born :-)
4 puppies was born out of Endurance Silver Breeze. 2 blue merle girls and 2 black/white boys. We are waiting for the pictures!



Germany - Amy and me

Shine and Amy

Bianca Bea Devon Exe

Philippe Heintz /France/ and me

Great Go Dajavera on wedding day

Jonáš Konopáč

*** Dajavera´s ***
Enjoy my Company Dajavera -  HDA

Gipsy Girl of Dajavera - HDA

Inferno Imp Dajavera
Regional dog show Brno 21.8.2011 - VP 2
new video - here
new photos - here

Frou Frou Dajavera
Very nice visit we have had in Dajavera - the owners came to us with Frou Frou Dajavera. Some her pictures:
photos - here

Forek of Dajavera
Duodanube Bratislava show /SK/ MVP - 20.-21.8.2011
saturday - Ex.2, res. CAC
sunday - Ex.1, CAC

Internat. dog show Ml. Boleslav - 27.8.2011
Ex.1, CAC

LTV Svojanov 13.-20.8.2011
Some Dajavera´s took a part on obedience/agility camp: Clermont-Ferrand, Blackberry, Crazy Meggy, Femme Fatale and Artaban. On the end there was a dogsfrisbee minidistance competition ... and the winner was :Blackberry Dajavera /out of 20!/
video - here

Our very big congratulation to everybody and thank You for sending photos, videos!

*** puppies ***
23.-25.8.2011  we have spend a few days in Germany for mating. Shine is lovely boy with wonderful movement and open heart :-). The mating was without any probleme and hope we will have in 62 days puppies. Thanks to Christina and her very nice family for everything! More infos about the parents - in the section puppies.
 photos - here

*** herding ***
27.-30.8.2011 - Rakousy /CZ/
4 wonderful days I have spend in very small vilage - Rakousy. The czech championchip in herding have been there at the weekend. The judge was Philippe Heintz from France. The clinique was followed up on monday and tuesday. . So many informations, training possibilities and practice! Thanks to Philippe for his kind approach!
photos - here
photos by Lucie Pasler

*** Cheero´s  offspring ***
Atomik Lili Star
new photos - here

New photos in austrian kennel.  Australis . One beautiful boy is waiting for his owner! In a case of Your interest please contact Tamara Temmel
photos - here

Mating in kennel. Navi Island
Cheero has mated Bianca Bea Devon Exe /granddaughter of our Ixi/.

*** handlers :-) ***
Some news from human world !!!
The big day for the  owners of Great Go Dajavera was 13.8.2011. We wish You a lot of love and happines with Your marriage!

A new handler was born
The owners of Catch me Dajavera - has the first baby - the son - Jonáš. We wish good heath and only very good dogs in Your live :-))



Channel Coco Dajavera

Dajavera Fitmin Flyball Team in action

*** Dajavera´s ***
Darsy Dajavera - interdogshow /PL/
Ex.1, CWC, CACIB - best female!

Enola Gay Dajavera - passed herding instinkt test

Ch-litter - 1-st birthday!
Wishing the best to Ch-litter with their first birtday!

*** puppies ***
Our G.Ch. Amy Dajavera started her season. So we are planning to mate in the middle of next week. More infos about the planned litter is in the section "puppies".

*** Flyball ***
13.-14.8.2011 - next flyball competition
our flyball team for those competition - border collies :Catch me Dajavera, Fata Morgana Dajavera, Éro Dajavera, Atawa z Lantíkova and English cocr Vasthi.
4-th place

*** Cheero´s offspring ***
PCHŁA SZACHRAJKA True Story /True Srory/ - VN 1, nej. štěně rasy



me and my girls and Dajavera´s on holiday





*** Dajavera´s ***
Enjoy my Company Dajavera - agility
saturday 16.7.2011 - LA 0 - 5-th place, jumping - dis.
sunday - LA 0 - 1-st place, jumping - dis.
video - here

Charming Elisabeth Dajavera
 photos - here

Channel Coco Dajavera - regional dog show -judge Ubrová Libuše
Ex.1 - Winner of Young class

Isabeau Dajavera - 6 month
 photos - here

Destiny Hope Dajavera - obedience training
video - here

7.8.2011- Chlumecký rabbit II. - coursing
Ally Dajavera - 1-st place - boc - females
Ally Dajavera - best of group FCI I.
Artaban Dajavera - 1-st place - boc - males

23.7.2011 - breeding show
those Dajavera´s are recommended for breeding:
Enola Gay Dajavera
Fata Morgana Dajavera
Femme Fatale Dajavera

My congratulation to everybody and thanks for sending wonderful pictures and videos :-)

*** herding ***
Dajavera training in Martínkovice
we have spend wonderful weekend in Cz mountains - with sheeps, treking, dogs, children!
photos - here
and photos - here

*** Cheero´s offspring ***
Cheero has mated nice tricolor bitch Endurance Silver Breeze. If everything is ok we can expact around 12.9.2011 puppies. In a case of Your interest feel free to contact me
photos of Endurance - here



Cheero in action

Cheero´s  children :-)

*** Dajavera´s ***
Gipsy Girl of Dajavera -
passed exam BGH 1
For-ek of Dajavera -
passed herding exam - HWT
C.J. Dajavera -
passed herding exam- HWT
Fata Morgana Dajavera -  passed herding instinkt test exam

*** herding ***
training of herding 4.-10.7.2011 - Martínkovice u Broumova


*** Cheero´s progeny ***
In austrian kennel Australis were born 13.7.2011 Cheero´s  children 4 boys /2 bw, 1 blue and 1 slate merle/ a 1 girl /blue/.


breeding plans - our litter "J"

In the section puppies are published our breeding plans for this year. The proud father of our litter "J" will be - Wildblue Light a Fire "Shine" /USA/

Mating is planned around august 2011



Cheero - Cz, Sk Champ.



Atomik Lili Star

*** Dajavera´s ***
18.6.2011 - Coursing - GIOM CUP 2011
Ally Dajavera - 1-st place
Artaban Dajavera - 2-nd place

Catch me Dajavera - has passed obedience exam OB1

*** shows ***
Intercanis Brno 25.6.2011 - rozh. S.Naprawnik /Au/
Isabeau Dajavera  - VP1
Cheers Darling Dajavera - VG
Channel Coco Dajavera - Ex.
Harmony Blues Dajavera - Ex.
Fata Morgana Dajavera - VG.
Femme Fatale Dajavera - VG.
Beira Dajavera - Ex.4
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.1, CAC
with this title our Cheero finished his title Czech Champion !!!
photos from the show - here

*** Cheero´s progeny***
28.-29.6.2011 visiting kennel. Lili Star. - Cheero´s litter
We have spent wonderfull time in kennel Lili Star. Lovely puppies, excellent food and friendly people! Thank You for that!  
photos here
For serious family reasons the reservation for blue merle boy - Atomik was canceled. If You are looking very nice blue merle boy - dark pigmentation, very nice coated with friendly character feel free to contact me! He is waiting for lovely and action new home!!
photos of Atomik - here



Dance with me Dajavera

Gipsy Girl of Dajavera

Dajavera Fitmin team

*** Dajavera´s ***
Dog Chow Disc Cup Poznaň /PL/ 2011 - 18.06.2011  /frisbee/
Darsy Dajavera - kat. starters
 1-st place at all !!!!  /from 24/
freestyle - 1-st place
video - here
Dance with me Dajavera - kat. starters
 7-th place at all
   freestyle - 2-nd place
video - here
Ballada Song Dajavera
 Super Pro Toss nad Fetch - qualification for final of Polland DCDC

Gipsy Girl of Dajavera - passed exam BH
Our very big congratulation to everyone for success :-)

*** Flyball ***
Our second competition. We entered to the 2-nd division /out of 4/. We had wonderfull and long day, but with the sweet finished :-))
Speed trial - 4-th place / out of 6 - best time: 19.60s
Double Elimination - 2-nd place / out of  6 - best time 19.43s

video - here                          photos - here

our sponzor is company  Dibaq - producer of pet food Fitmin





*** Dajavera´s ***
eye tests - MVDr. Beránek
Fata Morgana Dajavera  and
Ája Dajavera - annual eye test clear - incl. glaucomma

Destiny Hope Dajavera - new video
video - here

Enjoy my Company Dajavera - new photos
photos - here

*** shows ***
XXXV Krajowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych/PL/
Darsy Dajavera - Ex.1, CWC, best bitch

MVP Leszno /PL/
Darsy Dajavera - Ex.1, CWC

*** Dajavera meeting 2011 ***
New pictures from our Dajavera meeting arrieved from Belgium from Lucien:
fire in the evening

big picture
litter "F" and "C"
Amy + her red daughters
on the boat
Belgian before camp :-)

*** Cheero´s progeny ***
"A" - Lili Star
In a kennel  Lili Star is avaible the last blue merle boy  here - his pictuer.

Aqua di Gio Flying Ear - new photos - here

Anything in Black Flying Ear - new photos - here

Armani Code Flying Ear - new photos + web


our first flyball competition

We have entered our first flyball competition with the time 19,50s - that´s was the time for the 1-st /the best/ division. In this division were 6 entries teams, together - 20 teams in 3 divisions.
As we were for the first time on competition we have run wonderfull times :19.18, 19.04 and 19.12s.
Dajavera Fitmin Team
saturday- speed trial - 6-th place
sunday - double elimination - 6-the place
our sponzor is company  Dibaq - producer of pet food Fitmin
video1 - here

video2 - here
foto - here

*** shows ***
Nitra - SK
For-ek of Dajavera
friday: VG2
saturday: Ex.2, res CAC
sunday: Ex.2, res CAC

NV Klatovy - judge Polgár
Angelina Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Angelina finished her title of Czech Champion!!!!



*** Dajavera kennel meeting 2011 ***
Another our kennel meeting is over. 46 people, 27 Dajavera´s dogs were take a part. 4 days spent with lovely people, dogs - a lot of fun, flyball, agility, "show ring", funny competition, fire and wine in the evenings, swiming in the lake. Is better holiday :-)) ?
Next year - the same date, the same place we do it again !!!!
*** profile photos of everybody ***

*** photos from Iveta Dupalová ***
*** photos from Chládkovi ***
*** photos from my father  ***

 *** photos - new - 2.6. - 2-nd part ***
*** photos from Konopík´s - new - 2.6. ***

*** video - new - 2.6.***

*** Dajavera´s ***
Channel Coco Dajavera - MDR +/+, normal

Enjoy my Company Dajavera - new video
video - here

Dance with me Dajavera /Verti - PL/
28.05. 2010 - DOG CHOW DISC CUP /PL/ - frisbee
  STARTERS - 4-th place in Freestyle +Toss and Fetch /from24 entries/
3-rd place -  Freestyle in Starters
Verti in news paper : here

our big congratulation!


one very sad new


With very big pain in my heart I am putting this news today. Dixi Dajavera in a age 2,5 year were made asleep after a chronic colinephritis. Dixi, You will stay in our hearts forever!


B-litter - birthday

Dear Barny, Benji, Best Mate, Bailey, Bessi, Jerry and Beira happy birthday to You!

Barny Dajavera - on the picture





*** Dajavera´s ***
hips scoring - MVDr. Ekr
Great Go Dajavera and Gangster Boy Dajavera - HDA, ED, OCD free

*** shows ***
Rzeszów, judge Anna Kochan/PL/
Dance with me Dajavera - Ex.1, CWC, best bitch

Krosno, judge Bożena Czempas/PL/
Dance with me Dajavera - Ex.1, CWC, best bitch, BOB

   internat. dog show Prague, judge Fricke C. /DE/
Gentle Eyes of Dajavera - VG
Humetsuno Bushi Dajavera - Ex.2
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation - VG
Harmony Blues Dajavera - Ex.
Fata Morgana Dajavera - VG3
Femme Fatale Dajavera - VG4
Beira Dajavera - Ex.
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.2, res CAC, res. CACIB
photos - here

Duonadube Bratislava /SK/ - saturday:
For-ek Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC,

For-ek Dajavera - Ex.1

*** action in Dajavera ***
Photos from canisteraphy clinique:
photos - here

*** Cheero´s progeny ***
11.5.2011 our Cheero mated beautifull bitch JCh. Australis Arizona Dream from austrian kennel Australis

"A" - Lili Star
16.5.2011 litter was born in kennel Lili Star , 4 boys /2b-w, 2 blue merle/ + 1 b-w girl
more infos in the section "puppies"



Femme Fatale Dajavera

Armani Code Flying Ear

*** Dajavera´´s ***
Femme Fatale Dajavera - passed exam ZOP /95points out of 100 /
photos - here

*** shows ***
XIX International Dog Show - Łódź/Pl/ 7-8.5.2011, judge Vondrouš O./Cz/
Darsy Dajavera - V1, CWC, CACIB

*** action in Dajavera ***
7.5.2011 - clinique for canistherapy dogs. I took a part with my dogs Ixi and Amy. After the long day full of informations our flyball team join me there and we have made some exhibition runs. Photos may be soon :-)

*** Cheero´s progeny ***
XIX International Dog Show - Łódź/Pl/ 7-8.5.2011, judge Vondrouš O./Cz/
PCHŁA SZACHRAJKA True Story - VN1, best baby

"A" - Flying Ear - new photos
I have spent nice day in Flying Ear kennel. It was so nice to see Cheeros puppies there, they are so promising :-). One beautifull, very friendly ee-red merle boy - Armani Cody is still avaible. In a case of Your interest, feel free to contact me :-)
photos - Armani Code - here

photos - puppies - here



Blessed Borders Firm Foundation - our Cheero





after the show in Dajavera

*** Dajavera´s ***
Cheerio Dajavera - new photos
photos - here

Isabeau Dajavera - new photos
photos - here

Inferno Imp Dajavera - new photos and video
photos+video - here

Caitly Black Dajavera - ZOP
Caitly has passed exam ZOP for 96 points - Ex.
With this exam she has fulled the conditons for Club Champion BCCCZ. Our very big congratulation!!!

Ally Dajavera - show in Cirkuse Jung
video - here

*** shows ***
Club show BCCCZ
- judge A.Kochan /PL/
Great Go Dajavera - VG
Gangster Boy of Dajavera - G
Caddy Dajavera - VG
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Femme Fatale Dajavera - Ex.
Fata Morgana Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
C.J. Dajavera - VG
Darsy Dajavera - VG
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.3

kennel Dajavera - 1-st place of the best kennel of the day
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.3

My thanks to everybody for sending photos and news of our offspring and very big congratulation!

*** action in Dajavera ***
After the show we have mooved to Dajavera kennel, there we have trained a flyball and after make a big fire /as everybody that day in CZ :-)) /. Very nice day with the nice people and the most nice dog in the world :-))
photos :       here    and     here

*** Cheero´s progeny ***
"A" - Flying Ear - new photos
Updated section "puppies" - new photos of the pupps were added. 2 very promising ee-red boys are waiting for the active owners :-)






 medals for Dajavera camp 2011

Cesilliea z Lebedova Dvora

Easter greeting card from Barny Dajavera

 *** Na nástěnku vložena přihláška a info ohledně
Dajavera táboru 2011 - prosím všechny o vyplnění!  ***

*** Dajavera´s ***
Dance with me Dajavera
Passed obedience exam OB
0 - Ex., 82,5points out of 100

Caddy Dajavera
New webside - here

Channel Coco Dajavera - new photos

Gipsy Girl of Dajavera - export Austria
Photos from her first birthday party :-)  photos - here

*** shows ***
České Budějovice - judge Krinke /Cz/
Great Go Dajavera - VG
Fata Morgana Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC

IDS - Dresden 23.4.2011/DE/ - judge Claus-Peter Fricke /DE/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
My very big congratulation!!

*** action in Dajavera ***
New pictures from our flyball training created by my father again :-)

We are preparing our Dajavera´s camp 2011, we  have mate medals for the winners :-)

The biggest news is - our new flyball box from Belgium arrieved! So - we are prepared for the competition!!!!!!

*** Cheero´s progeny ***
XXVI Krajowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych - Inowraclaw /PL/
PCHŁA SZACHRAJKA True Story /True Srory/ - VP 1, best puppy

"A" - Flying Ear - names
Updated section "puppies" - names of the pupps we added. 2 very promising ee-red boys are waiting for the active owners :-)

"A" - Lili Star
Another Cheero´s puppies are expacting around 15.5.2011 in a kennel Lili Star. Mother is tricolor bitch Cesillia z Lebedova Dvora.



Erin of MH Dajavera and her owner Michelle

Enjoy my Company Dajavera and her owner Monika

birthday card from  Gino and Petry :-)

*** Enty form + information about Dajavera kennel meeting added on our notice board - pls fill it up! ***

*** Dajavera´s ***
Isabeau Dajavera
New webside of Isabeau Dajavera
web - zde

Angelina Dajavera has litter
In kennel Devon Exe they have 10 puppies out of Angelina Dajavera. We wish the best to them :-)

Femme Fatale Dajavera
Hipscored of Femme Fatale: HD, ED, OCD free!!
our very big congratulation

Erin of MH from Dajavera - Belgium
Erin with her owner Michelle have passed on sunday the 3th of
April  test for social beheviour.
Well done girls and we keep our fingers crossed for the obedience competitions !

Caddy Dajavera
TNS result came  - Caddy is TNS Normal
congratulation :-)

Enjoy my Company - Polland
Baya and her owner took a part on frisbee clinique and there they won unoficiall frisbee competition! Congratulation a just continue :-)

9.-10.4.  Quatroexams Hloubětín Praha - LA1      
...photos - here...      ...video Monty...     ....video Jerry...

  Saturday - judge Alice Glöcknerová
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera 12/29 Ex.
Blackberry Dajavera  dis.  
  judge Alen Marekovic
  Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera -dis.
  Blacberry Dajavera  15/30 G

  Sunday - judge Alice Glöcknerová
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera 3/27 Ex.
Blackberry Dajavera 12/27 VG
judge Alen Marekovic
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera 16/27 Ex.
  Blackberry Dajavera 12/27 VG

Pedigrees of litter "I"
The pedigrees have been send to the owner of litter "I"

*** shows ***
Nat. dogshow Ostrava - judge Kováčová A. /SK/
C.J. Dajavera - Ex.4
Fata Morgana Dajavera - VG
For-ek of Dajavera - Ex.3
Channel Coco Dajavera - VP 2

show - Polland
Everything for You Dajavera - Ex.2

*** news in Dajavera ***
We have cutten our sheeps and prepared them for summer training season :-)
photos - here

*** birtday ***
13.4.2011 has litter "G" their first birtday. We wish You all the best!! And birthday greeting card from Gentle Eyes of Dajavera added :-). Thank You Petra for sending it!



Éro Dajavera

For-ek Dajavera

A-Flying Ear

*** Enty form + information about Dajavera kennel meeting added on notice board ****

*** Dajavera´s ***
Dance with me Dajavera
new video - here

breeding show in Kvasiny 3.4.2011
Éro Dajavera and For-ek Dajavera became a stud dogs :-)
fotos - here

Fata Morgana Dajavera
Fata Morgana is HD, ED, OCD free
our big congratulation!!

*** canisteraphy ***
Our first canisteraphy with Ixi and Amy in special school
photos - here

*** puppies ***
 Puppies our of our Cheero in kennel. Flying Ear - are doing very well. In a case of Your interest in those beautifull puppies feel free to contact me :-)
photos - here



me and Hero of my Heart Dajavera na výstavě in Nitra show


A-Flying Ear

*** success of Dajavera´s ***
 Coursing -Sprin Kralupy
Ally Dajavera

1. place out of all breeds/64!! entries/
1-st place in boc
Artaban Dajavera
2-nd place in boc

Agility double competition III
Crazy Meggy Dajavera
2x LA 1 for Ex.! 1-st place !!! Ready to go to LA2
video - here

Channel Coco Dajavera - pictures from the show - here

Our very big congratulation

*** puppies ***
28.3.2011 were born 6 puppies out of First Snow Flake Hardy Horde and out Cheero.
3 girls - 2 b/w, 1 blue merle, 3 ee-red boys. Sorry - on the pictures one b/w girl is missing /she was born as last one and I was not there anymore, so we have to wait when the owner of Snow Flake take her pictures :-) In a case of Your interest of one of those beatifful pupps, feell free to contact me!

With this litter our Cheero proofed he does carry ee-red color!!!


Slovakian Champion

me and Cheero - Blessed Borders Firm Foundation

*** herding ***
Enola Gay Dajavera
- 3-rd training- video  - zde

*** shows ***
Vyškov - judge. Ovesná /CZ/
Channel Coco Dajavera - VP1
Nitracanis /SK/ - judge. Gregorz Robak /PL/
Hero of my Heart Dajavera - P
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.2, res.CAC
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.1, CAC
With this title Cheero fulfied conditions for Slovakian Champion

Irish Storm Dajavera - new fotos - here  and  here

*** unofficial kennel meeting ***
Dajavera´s offspring and our friends are welcome to Dajavera after the club show, which is 30 km far away from us :-) on 30.4.2011


a lot of news

Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera

já + Amy Dajavera

Great Go Dajavera

*** Flyball ***
On our last traing there was my best father as best photograph :-). He took very bautifull pictures and I want to thank him for that! - pictures - here
We have registrated our new flyball team- Dajavera Fitmin team, new web - www.flyballteam.websnadno.cz.
Let me introduce our official sponzor -  Fitmin - food for dogs and other animals. Thank You very much for Your trusting us :-))

*** herding ***
For-ek of Dajavera
- new pictures from his training  - here
Our congratulation to rought collie Easy for passing herding test instinkt, she was training in Dajavera for it!

*** canisterapie ***
canisterapeutic exams ZCP1 - 12.3.2011
Our Amy Dajavera and Ixi /I´m Special for Gasko Prim/ successfully passed the exam and we are planing to work under organizationCantes o.s.. Few pictures- here

Fata Morgana Dajavera - new photos - here

Dance with me Dajavera - new video - here

Destiny Hope Dajavera - new video -

Isabeau Dajavera - new photos - here

Amy Dajavera - annual eye test by MVDr. Beránek
Annual test of our Amy is clear - incl. glaucomma!


Birthday of our Cheero

Our Cheero has 2-nd birthday today! - on the first picture
video from celebrating :-)



New photos of Erin of MH from Dajavera

Inferno Imp Dajavera - first pictures from his new home

I love You Dajavera - new webside

Blackberry Dajavera - jumping dis, exam LA1 Ex. 4/12, Agility competition 11/61
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - jumping dis, exam LA1 VG 6/12, Agility competition dis
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - exam LA1 - Ex. /allready the 2-nd one :-)/
our congratulation

 Erin of MH and Gangster boy has new pictures on offspring side

on the last pictures - Artaban Dajavera on skate :-)


Club Ch. in Dajavera

Crazy Meggy Dajavera

New info in the section "puppies". Litter "I" was added to the offspring allready.

Ballada Song Dajavera - puppies
Ballada Song in Polland has 3 beautifull boys. Our congratulation!
more infos - here

Crazy Meggy Dajavera - passed agility exam LA1
With this exam Crazy Meggy finished her title "Club Champion". My very big congratulation!! I am so proud of You - girls!

Enjoy my Company Dajavera
new photos - here

Inferno Imp Dajavera
his webside - here

For-ek Dajavera
HD A free, ED 0/0, OCD clear
Our very big congratulation!!!

Planned litter sired by our Cheero
In kennel Flying Ear are expacting a litter sired by our Blessed Borders Firm Foundation, more information even on our web in the section "puppies"


Slovakian Juniorchampion in Dajavera!!

I love You Dajavera

New photos of our puppies in the age 7 weeks

New video of Channel Coco Dajavera :-)
video - here

 Dogshow Prešov /SK/ - judge  Matyáš /SK/
Fair Play Dajavera- Ex.3
For-ek Dajavera Ex.1, CAJC
with this title became Slovakian Juniorchampion
Our very big congratulation!!


puppies - videos



Our puppies will be 6 weeks old in 2 days. They grow very nice to a beautiful and strong mind border collies :-)
Here are videos from today:

Inferno Imp I love You Irish Storm + Inferno Imp
Imperial Soul + Isabeau Isabeau Irish Storm + Imperial Soul
together 1 together 2 together 3


Thank You very much for Valentines cards from Gipsy Girl of Dajavera /Au/ and Gentle Eyes of Dajavera/Gino/

Éro Dajavera - eye tests
Gonioscopy and other eye deseases free!
Our very big congratulation


duocacib Brno 5.2.-6.2.2011

me + Cheero




Hurricane Lady Dajavera


saturday - judge Indegaard Anne /Norway/
Fair Play Dajavera - VG
For-ek Dajavera - VG
Great Go Dajavera - G
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Blessed Borders Firm Foundation - VG2
Fata Morgana Dajavera - Ex.
Femme Fatale Dajavera - Ex.
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.3
Bailes Dajavera - VG

sunday - judge Salt Vic /GB/
For-ek Dajavera - Ex.3
Great Go Dajavera - Ex.
Channel Coco Dajavera - VP1
Fata Morgana Dajavera - VG
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, CACIB
Bailes Dajavera - Ex.3
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.

Thanks to the owners for representation our kennel and congratulation!!

Litter H has allready their pedigrees. Thanks to the owner ofHurricane Lady Dajavera for the link on her webside: here

Erin of Maranns Home from Dajavera
Our very big congratulation for wonderfull result of x-rays!! Erin is HDA1!

Our puppies
All puppies from actual litter are reservated. Next litter we are planing out of our G.ch. Amy Dajavera around october 2011.



New photos of puppies from their age of 1 month
The very first feeding of our litter "I" :
video -here

Puppies were mooved outside - so they have planty place for their games and they can enjoy company of other dogs as well.
The last beatifull boy with excellent exterieur, very dark and beautifull pigmentation, very contact and friendly is waiting for his new owner. His name is Imperial Soul Dajavera and his pictures are:
pictures -  here
Irish Storm Dajavera I love You Dajavera Inferno Imp Dajavera
Imperial Soul Dajavera Isabeu Dajavera


Dajavera´s progeny

Everything for You Dajavera

Everything for You Dajavera
new web side - here

Enjoy my Company Dajavera
new super video - here

30.1.2011 - "Snow" coursing - NordCup
Ally Dajavera - 1-st place
Artaban Dajavera - 3-rd place

HD testing
Éro Dajavera - HD A free
Enola Gay Dajavera - HD A free
My congratulation for such a excellent result!!

One black/white puppy from actual litter is avaible. He has very good pigmentation, dark eyes, looks very promising! Expacting super character for sports! More information in section "puppies".
Imperial Soul Dajavera - avaible - photos - here



Puppies are growing and I have new videos from their life :-)

2 lovely boys are waiting for new owners

video 1 video 2 video 3 video 4


Wintershow Trenčín - SK

22.1.2011 - Wintershow Trenčín - judge T. Havelka /SK/
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - VG4
Blessed Boders Firm Foundation /Cheero/ - Ex.1
For-ek Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC

Forte Fortissimo Dajavera - new photos

Puppies are growing, starting to walk, all of them can see allready
photos and videos
2 boys are waiting for active owners, this litter is CEA, TNS, CL Normal


sunny sunday :-)

sunday 16.1.2011
Sunny weather on sunday was perfect for short training flyball, herding and little walk with the dogs, meeting nice people, see puppies growing in Dajavera kennel. We have enjoyed it so well!!!
video - here                                photos - here

puppies - 14 days old
the very fist unwarming was today. Puppie´s weight is between 1,20 - 1,30 kg. They starts to open the eyes and the legs became stronger and stronger. In few days they are gonna walk and for that time is planning to make new videos. 2 lovely boys are avaible!!



Puppies are going very well, they have between 900 - 1000g allready. 2 lovely boys are waing for active owners. More information in section "puppies", feel free to ask me for more details in a case of Your interest. Videos from today:

video 1 video 2 video 3 video 4


news from Polland

"my" polish offspring:
Ballada Song, Fair Play, Everything for You, Dance with me

Cheero is "double" father
In Polish kennel True Story were born 4 puppies out of our Cheero.
photos - here

Dance with me Dajavera - aglility
 Agility competition in Supraślu /Polland/ 2x 1-st place inLA0
a lot of vedeos on Verti´s webside - here

Fair Play Dajavera - 2-nd place in polish championchip
 TOP Border Collie'2010


Hanácká national dog shoe - Olomouc - judge Václavík

For-Ek Dajavera  - our winner :-)

Thank You to the owner of Dajavera´s offspring for the taking part on that show and my very big congratulation to Your success!!!

For-Ek Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC, BOB
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, National Winner
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera  - Ex.2, res. CAC
Caitly Black Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Gangster Boy Dajavera - VP 3
Great Go Dajavera - P
Best Mate Dajavera - VG3
Channel Coco Dajavera - VP1
Fata Morgana Dajavera - Ex.4
Bailes Dajavera - Ex.
Bailey od Dupíků /our granddaughter/ - Ex.3

photos - here

Puppies are going very well. 2 lovely boys are waiting for active owners. In a case of Your interest feel free to contact me. More information in the section "puppies"


I-litter were born :-)

More infromation and the pictures in the section "puppies"

8.05    blue boy     380 g
9.10    black/white boy    380 g
9.50  blue merle boy    330 g
12.13    black/white boy   380 g
15.20  slate merle  girl     380 g
Mother and puppies are healthy



Chrismas meeting 2010 /26.12.2010/
More than 20 people took a place on our Christmas meeting. We enjoy winter time with our dogs and we have had so much fun!
photos - here

and some pictures from owners of Gangster boy Dajavera /chocolate boy on the pictures/
photos - here

F-litter - 1-st birthday
Happy birtday to You my lovely F-puppies :-)

New video of Destiny Hope Dajavera
video - here

Ch-litter has their Pedigree
I have sent the pedigrees of Ch- litter to their owners on 27.12.2010

We are waiting every day the birth of our I-litter. I´ll  keep You informed :-)
Ixi´s pictures