18. 12. 2014

Christmas Flyball party


13. 12. 2014 we had last flyball training. Someone herded sheep before flyball training. We ran after lunch, we tired dogs and then we ate excellent soup. Tamara Šimková visited us from Fitmin. She presented new composition feed. She brought some christmas gifts for each of us. Our team got big banner. That made us very happy. :)The party started in the evening. We ate, drank and talked about everything and everyone. We enjoyed all the day! :)



Fitmin - I know what I feed video

Nifty Noby Dajavera

agility - Terezínský pohár 3-rd round - 3-rd place

2x exams LA2 - 2x 7-th places, total 5-th place


Noisette Dajavera

has passed DogDancing exam MD1 - excellent


Dance with me Dajavera a Suri Vertical Limit /our granddaughter/  video




Funny New year's  greeting from Fitmin :-)





Native Jumper Dajavera


10. 12. 2014

Findlay Dream Australis

Rachel Dajavera

1 year - beginning agility career in Holland :-)



Noe Victory Dajavera

agility - 1-st and 2-nd place, fulfiled exams LA 2

Congratulate and we wish many successes!


Terezka Dajavera

sheep herding - 8,5 months



Cheero's son Findlay Dream Australis sends greeting from Germany. Fin has passed rescue exam Mantrailing.



1. 12. 2014

Noisette Dajavera DogDancing exams


Noisette Dajavera

has passed DogDancing exams F1 a DwD1 - excellent


Jing Jang Dajavera

Club Champion BCCCZ


Quanett Dajavera

HD A/A, ED A/A, OCD free


Litter "U"

All puppies are doing really well. :-) To the section "puppies" was added pictures and names of each puppy. All puppies are reservation.

In a case of Your interest in puppy out of litter "V" feel free to contact us.



Litter "U"

Litter "U" is born *4. 11. 2014

We have 6 puppies - 4 black and white girls and 2 black and white boys.


Our Border gang

Energy Of Dajavera won flyball title Fly 19. She helps with herding sheep on great land.

Amy Dajavera and Ixi. They are retired but they still work. They run flyball, train dogdancing tricks and sleep in beds with my daughters. :)


Cheero train flyball. He dealt with second track and he didn't go back over fences. I trust him, that he'll understand rules right running.


Gyfu – my youngest member. I wanted to pass HWT this year. She's amazing bitch! We enjoy every training. She's very co-operative. We attended herding clinics with foreign instructors.

We tried to pass exam IHT1. I knew, that Gyfu  is ready, so I wasn't nervous. We won first place. Next day we tried Farm. It went so fantastic, but we didn't get over “Maltese cross“. We finished on time. We lost some points, however we did good work.


Our successes:

19.7.2014   HWT   81 points - VG - judge P.Heintz

18.10.2014 IHT1  82 points – Ex. – 1-st place - judge. M.Koško

19.10.2014 Farm trial - 72 points – 5-th place time - judge M.Koško


We visited Days Border Collies in Zbraslav, where Gyfu has became stud bitch.


We're gonna have winter pause. Of course we're gonna train and we're gonna have some rest. We looking forward to next season! :)


Photos clinic, competitions


17. 11. 2014

Bailes Dajavera
Club champion BCCCZ

Everything For You Dajavera
Champion of Poland

Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera
Grand champion of the Czech Republic

National Dog Show Mladá Boleslav - 19. 7. 2014
Mr. Maikee Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, NV

Internacional Dog Show Mladá Boleslav - 30. 8. 2014
Mr. Maikee Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC
Great Go Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC, CACIB
Jing Jang Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC

Inferno Imp Dajavera - stud dog
Club Dog Show BCCCZ Zbraslav - 12. 9. - 13. 9. 2014
Perfect Match Dajavera - Ex.2
Great Go Dajavera - VG, Ex.
Mr. Maikee Dajavera - VG, Ex.
Jing Jang Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC, Ex.1, CAC

Dog Show Kielce (Poland)
Fair play Dajavera - CWC1, CACIB, BOS

National Dog Show Brno - 24. 10. 2014
Jing Jang Dajavera - Ex.1, CAC

World Dog Show Brno - 25. 10. 2014
Perfect Match Dajavera - Ex.2
Great Go Dajavera - Ex.2, res. CAC
Clermont - Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.4
Blackberry Dajavera - Ex.3

Great Go Dajavera, Perfect Match Dajavera, Mr. Maikee Dajavera
have passed exam ZZO - excellent

Nifty Nobi Dajavera
agility exams LA1 Praha - Kyje - 2-nd place and 2x 1-st place

Terezínský zimní pohár - agility exam LA2 - 4-th and 2-nd places

Dance With Me Dajavera
Poland - has passed obediance exam OB1 - excellent, 2-nd place

Let´s Frisbee Dajavera
&Fetch - 2-nd place, Starters - 1-st place
Noe Victory Dajavera
Championship Border cillies in obedience - OB-Z 2-nd place (out of 21)

Inferno Imp Dajavera
has passed rescue exams StPr2 - excellent
 RH - TA - excellent

Native Jumper Dajavera
has passed Dog Dancing HtM1 - excellent

Femme Fatale Dajavera
postup do LA3

Jack In The Box Dajavera
has passed exams RH-TE, RH-TA, RH-FLE

Runa Wyn Dajavera
has passed herding exam ZVOP

Noe Victory Dajavera

Flyball titles:

Fly 17


Blackberry Dajavera
Catch Me Dajavera
Jing Jang Dajavera
Great Go Dajavera

Fata Morgana Dajavera

Jolly Joker Dajavera

Mr. Maikee Dajavera

Fly 18

C. J. Dajavera
Éro Dajavera
Fly 19

Enola Gay Dajavera
Energy Of Dajavera
Perfect Match Dajavera - HD A/A, ED A/A, OCD free
Runa Wyn Dajavera - HD A/A, ED A/A, OCD free
Native Jumper Dajavera - HD B/B (104
°/104°), ED A/A, OCD free

We wish all the best for our litters "E", "M", "N", "O", "R" and "S"!!!

Flyball news

First holiday weekend we went to flayball tournament – Crazy Cup 2014. We started with two teams: Dajavare X Fitmin – Eliška with Amy, Bára with Enola, Petra with Debie, Pavla with Energy, Lenka with Aný and Dajavera Y Fitmin – Jana with Gina, Honza with Éro, Léňa with Kessy, Kuba with Majla, Alča with Easy, Verča with Ixi.

On Saturday team Dajavera Y Fitmin won 4-th place in race Round Robin. Team Dajavera X Fitmin won speedtrial in time 19, 32s. Enola, Energy, Aný and Debbie have got title Fly19. Debbie is third Labrador Retriever which has got this title in the Czech Republic.

On Sunday we had bad luck. We did mistakes. Fortunately weather was very good, so we enjoyed much fun.



On August we went to flyball Championship Border Collies in Litoměřice. We took both our teams. The weather was very hot, so we must cooled dogs and people. We did one's best.


Dajavera X Fitmin: RR: 5-th place, the best time 19,67s 

DE: 2-nd place, the best time 19,50 s

Dajavera Y Fitmin: RR: 4-th place, the best time  21,30s 

DE: 4-th place, the best time 20,88 s





We started with our two teams on Tournament Sweet hopes in September. X team ran in fourth division. Our team was loser from all eight teams. In fact this sign wasn't true. We ran fast like lightning and we won second place! :)

Team Y Fitmin was on its first flyball competition. Our novices ran very very good.

This tournament closed flyball season 2014. We very enjoyed it. We'll get in with full energy next season! :)



Dajavera X Fitmin : ST: 4-th place, the best time 19,17 s /new record/ 
DE: 2-nd place, the best time 19,37 s

Dajavera Y Fitmin: ST: 5-th place, the best time 22,97s 
DE: 5- th place, the best time 23,69s




We thanks to our sponsor – Czech producer superpremium dog food – Fitmin

And of course we must thank our loaders!


Herding news

18. – 20. 7. 2014 we had herding training and herding competitions. Philippe Heintz came like instructor and judge from France. He is the most important person FCI herding and breeding Border Collies in Europe. Ten dogs came on training. They had different age and training levels. We had practical training and then we had theoretical part. P. Heintz explained techniques how from starting puppies to working with dogs in the highest levels.

On Saturday (19. 7.) we had herding competitions: BCCCZ Cup – IHT 2 and Dajavera Cup – IHT 1.


1. M.Koško – Cap Ferenčík – 84 b

2. M.Chmiel /Pl/ - My Neala Elkeeave – 83 b.

3. M. Chmiel /Pl/ – Mr. Jake Elkeeava – 81 b


Dajavera cup - IHT 1
1. V.Topinka – Chelsea 
Mintaka – 92 b.
2. K. Furkioti /Pl/ – Merlin 
Eldeeava – 91 b.
3. J. Motyčka – Bosna 
Bolkovský Dvůr – 87 b.


16. – 17. 8. 2014 In August took place Championship herding BCCCZ. Wolfgang Lipczenko came like judge from Austria. Twelve teams stood on the most prestigious race start. A track was difficult. That's the reason why win the best team of all - M.Koško with Nick Miveko, 2-nd place M. Maček with Mirk Miveko, 3-rd place M.Jindra with Quinto Miveko (complete results)

We had herding training with Wolfgang Lipczenko on Thursday and Friday before Champioship. W. Lipczenko trained every dog individually.

On Saturday evening W. Lipczenko presented theory of sheding. He demonstrated it in practice next day.

Photos – competitions, training


26. 9. – 28. 9. were Czech Open in Krkonoše. We helped with organization. It was very fine to see Czech and foreign elite. We looking forward again next year!


18. 10. – 19. 10 and 28. 10. 2014

Last herding actions were competitions and exams. Saturday trials (IHT 1 and IHT 2) and Sunday trial (Farm race) were for CS. Judge was Miroslav Koško. Then were exams HWT and ZVOP.

On Sunday morning was trial TS. In afternoon were exams HWT and ZVOP which judged Daniela Rájová.

Results and photos: Pasení Dajavera



3. 7. – 6. 7.

Herding clinic for Bearded Collies from kennel MonaChristie. We enjoyed it and we looking forward again next year. :)




Many thanks to partners these events – Czech club Border Collies – BCCCZ and Czech producer superpremium dog food – Fitmin.


11.6.2014 - sooo many news :-)

Lentilka Dajavera

Lentilka Dajavera  - agility
Qualification Děčín - result- here, final - result - here

video - here
Frenštát - 2-nd place, saturday final video - here
7.6.2014 First exam LA3 - fulfiled, 1-st place!!

Inferno Imp Dajavera
has passed ZPU 1 - ex.
Competition ZZO - Hustopeče - 1-st place obedience

Noe Victory Dajavera
OBZ - 268 p., Ex., 1-st place / out of 9 /
Has passed  ZZO exam

Little Chip Dajavera - agility
 BCCCZ Campionchip in agility - Strážnice - cat A2/3 - 15-th place /out of 190/
Competition Píšťany: 4-th place tunnel rodeo, 1-st place LA2, last exam fulfiled for LA3

Nifty Nobi Dajavera - agility
Competition Mojžíř - 2x 1-st place, 1x 3-rd place, 1-st place in total, 3x fulfiled exam LA1
video - here

Let´s Frisbee Dajavera - Frisbee
DCDC Wroclaw - 14-th place - video - here
and one lovely video - here

Hurricane Lady Dajavera - agility
24.5.2014 - competition: Agility 2-nd place, exam LA2 - 1-st place,  Jumping 3-rd place,  all runs clear!

Rachel Dajavera
 training Obedience in England with Shirley Clowes
video - here

Ch Pl Jackpot Dajavera

Jackpot Dajavera
training agi - here

Dog show - Lodž 2004 - Ex.1, CWC, CACIB, Best male, BOS
Champion Polska

Native Jumper Dajavera
has passed Herding instinkt test exam

For-ek of Dajavera
IHT 1 Žlutice - 2-nd place, Ex.
Club show KChMPP - Ex.1, CAC - fulfiled titel:
Czech Grand Champion

Dance with me Dajavera - obedience
17.5.2014 - Wroclaw - 4-th place OB1

Ocean Wind Dajavera - dog dancing
has passed exam "F"

Dog show22.4.2014 Duocacib Brno
Patriot Dajavera - VP3
Mr.Maikee Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC
Noe Victory Dajavera - Ex.
Magic Tara Dajavera - Ex.


Dog show 23.4.2014 Duocacib Brno
Mr.Maikee Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC
Noe Victory Dajavera - Ex.
Magic Tara Dajavera - Ex.
Keeny Rose Dajavera - Ex.3
Jing Jang Dajavera - Ex.

Internat.show České Budějovice 27.4.2014
Perfect Match Dajavera - VP1
Great Go Dajavera - VG3

Internat.show Praha 2.5.2014
Piece of Cake Dajavera - VP4

Special dog show BCCCZ - Litoměřice
Spike Dajavera - VP2
Mr. Maikee Dajavera - Ex.2, res.CAC
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera - Ex.3

Regional dog show - Zemská koruna
Perfect Match Dajavera - Ex.1, Winner of Youth
Great Go Dajavera - Ex.1, Winner of Class, Regional Winner

19.5.2014 our "B"litter - 7-th birthday
15.7.2014 our "H" litter 4-th birthday
All the best from Dajavera !!!

Our T-litter
Both girls left to their new homes. We wish all the best to them with their new families. Last pictures and videos from home  -  here

 18.5.2014 her first birthday. We wish to our smallest girl all the best and a lot of sheep :-)
4.5.2014 - has passed herding instinkt test
HD A, ED A/B, OCD free

Fitmin parners video
Our sponzor - Czech superpremium food - Fitmin made videos of their parners. We are proudly between them, so hope in 4 weeks there will come our video :-)

Cheero´s offspring

Amazeme Faithful Soul /Fi/
4.5.2014 - dog show - judge Vuorinen /Fi/ - Ex.2, resCAC, 4-th best female
has passed BH - video - here

Australis Florida Dream /Au/
has passed GH2 - 284p.
Slovakia Championchip agility - 4-th place!!!!

Amazing Cloudy Ranč - frisbee
The world record in Quadruped - longdistance woman - 81,53m


Very big congrats to You all. I am so proud of You!!!!
Thanks for sending me all the info about "my children" I am happy to see their lifes :-)

11.6.2014 - Herding in Dajavera 1.-4.5.2014


As every year we have had spring herding exams / trials in Dajavera. There were Herding instinkt test, HWT, IHT1 TS. Judge was Ing. P.Čapková

19 dogs has passed Herding instink test. 2 bitches passed HWT and 7 dogs took a part in our trial

Here is the results:

1-st place Decent Demon z Kovárny, handler Jana Sommrová 69 p. - Ex.
2-nd place Bornemo Tasmánský tygr, handler Eva Štemberová 65 p. -Ex.
3-rd place I´m Top Secret of Crazy Stripes, handler Eva Štemberová - 64 p. - Ex.

We thanks to our sponzor - Czech superpremium dog food - Fitmin and we are inviting You for our next herding trials:

19.7.2014 - HWT, Dajavera Cup CS IHT 1 and BCCCZ Cup CS IHT 2 CS - judge P.Heintz / France
18.-19.10.2014 - ZVOP, HWT, IHT1 TS and CS - judge M.Koško
28.10.2014 - Dajavera Cup TS IHT2 - judge D.Rájová

photos - here                  photos - here                    photos - here

10.6.2014 - Flyballmania :-)


We started flyball season 2014 with tournament for beginners and veterans pairs „O kosatčí ploutev“ 26th April 2014 in Litoměřice. This event was great oportunity for our novices to train on lights, with second paralell line and also in adrenalin atmosphere of flyball tournament. Dogs and handlers did their best, and we are looking forward to join them in our „adult“ flyball team

Dajavera Fitmin team’s results:

Flying Dogs – Wendy + Bárt – 2. place, 3. division
Dream Team – Kessy + Easy – 4. place, 3. division
Crazy KeNo – Keira + Noe – 4. place, 2. division
X-treme – Cheero + Abby – 5. place, 2. division
Stars – Aný + NG – 8. place, 1. division
X-factor – Ixi + Roxy – 3. place, veterans

photos - here

In May we spent one great day on flyball seminar with Ange and Lee Heighton, trainers of american team Springloaded (actual holders of world flyball record). It was simply fantastic! We got many information about training a flyball dog from puppy starts to real flyball career. We have a lot of new information and ideas, which we can apply in our training.

Sunday 18th May 2014 we spent on Dogfest in Pardubice. With our friends, flyball team Pirates, we had flyball exhibition here. Our dogs performed very well, so we hope that we excited new peoples for this great dogsport. Of course, best entertaiment for our dogs was visit in Fitmin dog restaurant

photos - here

Weekend 31st May – 1st June we spent on „Lukášovský drak“ flyball tournament with our team Dajavera Y Fitmin, containing: Ixi with Verunka Rájová, Amy with Eliška Rájová, NG with Anička Pospíšilová, Aný with Lenka Strnadová, Debie with Petra Křejbská and Wendy with Pavla Křejbská. On Saturday we gained great second place in Round Robin and also broke our former record. On Sunday, we needed a little bit more of luck in Double elimination - we get into finals of our division, but at the end because of few unhappy mistakes, our rivals defeated us, so we ended with silver medal like on Saturday. Again we broke our record. All time on tournament wass great our dogs do their best. We would like to thanks allof our team members and also great thanks belongs to company Fitmin, our sponsor, for their care about our dogs feeding.

Dajavera Y Fitmin:

Saturday – RR – 5. division – 2. place – best time 20,61s  – team record

Sunday  – DE – 5. division – 2. place – best time 20,54s  - new team record

photos - here


Native Jumper Dajavera na DD zkouškách v Dajaveře
Lentilka Dajavera
exam LA 2                    video - here

Little Chip Dajavera
 Exams Mojžíř : LA 2: 3x 1-st place, together 1st place
Competition Sokolov: exm LA 2: 1st and 2nd place, jumping 2nd place

Inferno Imp Dajavera
has passed rescue exam  StPr 1

Native Jumper Dajavera
has passed Dog Dancing exam - F1 - ex.

Noisette Dajavera
MDR1 a DM tested Normal

Neptis Ixi Dajavera
HDB, ED, OCD free

13.4.2014 - 4st birthday of our external litter "G"
We wish all the best!!!

Easter weekend in Dajavera
Dogs, tranings, lovely time all  3 days long
We have had  herding clinic for traditional breeds /other than Border collies/. There were dog dancing exams at the lunch break.
photos - here                 photos - here

Mon - The flyball team "Pirates" came to us, so we have had runs on 2 tracks. That was wonderful training especially for our beginners, which have their first competition next weekend. Thanks to both teams for lovely day with plenty of sport, good fun, nice picnic. Hope we see You soon :-)
photos - here                photos - here

Our puppies
our girls grows, starting to walk, play
video - here

Cheero´s offspring
Cosmic Blue Kogito Easter - HDA, ED, OCD free
exam BH - best team of the day
big congrats to Germany and thanks for news!


3 times :-(

We get very sad news from Poland yesterday. Chance it Dajvera have eaten a peace of toy. He had to be operated, but sadly in 2 days things get to wrong and he was put to sleep.

Today we have lost our smallest Dajavera boy - Toby. Gina get hurt his belly and he get inner bleeding. We put Toby to sleep.

What to write more :-( :-( :-(


Litter "T" is born *29.3.2014

We have 3 puppies - 1 boy and 2 girls. Gina gave us very small litter again, but the getting birth was very easy. The female 2 is very small, but she seems to be really active, so hope everything will be ok. Here are the first pictures :

male female 1 female 2

Enola Gay Dajavera and Native Jumper Dajavera
annual eye test of mother and son:  clear - incl. glaucoma
Native Jumper has spent lovely day in Dajavera after. He has trained flyball, herding.

photos - here


Gipsy Girl of Dajavera
has passed the internat. rescuedog exam - IPO Fläche B- highest level
279 points /out of 300/ - VG - best team of the day.
Gipsy with her extra treatment :-)

Lentilka Dajavera
Double exams LA 2 - 2x 1-st place!!
video - here

Little Chip Dajavera - 2 years
video - here

Barny Dajavera       photos - here

How is litter "S" growing
Single Star Dajavera       Shamrock for Luck Dajavera      Spike Dajavera     Shelby Cobra Dajavera        Sparrow Boy Dajavera

Éro´s offspring
In kennel  Agibuch has been born 7 lovely puppies 3 boys /2 black-white, 1 sable/ and 4 girls /2 sable, 2 black-white/ We are really proud and wish all the best

Dog Dancing exams in Dajavera
Exams 12.4.2014    
Exams 19.4.2014    

Cassy Black Vrabčí Hnízdo
6.7.2008 - 23.3.2014

Mother of our external litter "S", our starting dog in Dajavera Fitmin Flyball team, our training member of herding and especially our big friend passed away very quick /we think because of Leptospirosa/. We will miss You - Amy :-(


Training - february 2014

It is lovely almost spring time and we start with our trainings.
Few lovely pictures of my Gyfu and future hope Runa Wyn Dajavera.

photos - heere

Duocacib Brno 2014 - show
Mr. Maikee Dajavera fulled condition for the title
Junior Champion Cz

22.2.2014 - judge Beladze Luza /CZ/
Patriot Dajavera - VP3
Mr. Maikee Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC
Noe Victory Dajavera - Ex.
Magic Tara Dajavera - Ex.

23.2.2014 - judge Judit Papp /Hu/
Mr. Maikee Dajavera - Ex.1, CAJC
Noe Victory Dajavera - Ex.
Magic Tara Dajavera - Ex.
Keeny Rose Dajavera - Ex.3
Jing Jang Dajavera - Ex.

Nifty Nobi Dajavera - HD B

Let´s Frisbee Dajavera
lovely video from lovely couple - girl and her dog :-)               video - zde

Éro´s offspring
In keenel Agibuch will be born next Ero´s litter very soon. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Our puppies
Info about our expecting litter You can find in "Puppies". Everything seems to be perfect and hope on the end of march we will have chocolate sporty litter :-)

*5.3.2012 - litter "L"
We wish all the best to our external litter "L" for their 2-nd birtday!

1.3.2014 - voluntary help, flyball, herding

Our flyball team came to help us with the spring work on our flyball field, we have had wonderful lunch - sausages made on fire, than flyball training and few dogs some herding :-) Just wonderful day with wonderful people!!

Thank You very much for help !!
photod - here

Herding in Dajavera
We organize few trials and clinics this year. I have proposal and entries just in czech, but in a case of Your interest feel free to contact me by mail.

1.5, 3.-4.5.2014
Herding instinkt test exams - for all - CS and TS , HWT, IHT1 just TS

18. and 20.7.2014 - clinic with Philippe Heintz /France/ - just for Border Collies

19.7.2014 - HWT, IHT 1 and IHT 2 - just CS

14.-15.8.2014 Clinic with W.Lipczenko /Au/

We thank  Czech Border Collie Club BCCCZ,  for promotion herding in Czech republic and thank to our sponzor  Fitmin for the prize for our winners!!

31.1.2014 + 3.2.2014  pictures from our walk

Planned litter "T"
Energy of Dajavera x Uno Gulden Land

26. and 28.1.2014 we have been in kennel Gulden Land for mating our Gina. Everything has been perfect and hope around 30.3.2014 we could have puppies.

More info in "Puppies". If You are interested in a puppy out of this sporty litter, feel free to contact me.

LWalk with my dogs
Lovely sunshine has been today, so I took my camera with me to make some pictures. Especially I need some of our Gyfu, to make her own card in "our dogs". The pictures You can see
- here.

Femme Fatale Dajavera - recieved the titel Club Champion BCCCZ

iLittle Chip Dajavera - HD A, ED, OCD free

Mr. Maikee Dajavera - HD A, ED, ODC free
Hanácká national dog show - Ex.1, CAJC

K litter´s birthday *2.2.2012
I wish to the K-girls all the best to their birthday!!!

Last pictures of our  "S"
The last litter pictures before pupps were going to their new homes. We wish them all the best with their new families!!!
photos - here

Video from Cz tv. - superstars Ally a Artaban Dajavera - here

Our Gyfu is growing, she is only leggy and allways  smile :-). We start to work with her just on her instinkts.
 Video - here

Christmas flyball party
Just lovely time we have spent with our team on the last flyball training in a year 2013. I have get some presents - lovely cups with all my dogs, very nice pillow for sweet dreams and Christmas crib :-) We are looking forward to new flyball season 2014!!
photos - here         and new added pictures 5.2. ... here...

Planned herding clinics 2014
Thanks to our Border collie club - BCCCZ I can organizate 2 clinics in 2014. One with Philippe Heintz /FR/ and other with Wolfgang Lipczenko /At/. Proposal will be very soon.