Ixi narozeniny

28.12.2015 - birthday of our Ixi - 11 years
Ixi, we wish You all the best to Your lovely birthday!!!

31.12.2009 *litter F
5.1.2011 *litter I
We wish to our litter F and I all the best to their birthday!!

PF 2016
We would like to wish to all Dajavera´s and their families, to our friends and supporters all the best to 2016!!!

Planned matings 21.12.2015 / 23.12.2015 / 25.12.2015

Gyfu x Hemp
21.12.2015 was the right day for Gyfu, so we arrieved to Germany to visit Hemp. Sadly we have arrived at 16 o´clock, so the light was not good for nice pictures or videos, but something we have :-)
Hemp  ... video + photos herding ... 

... photos - mating ...

Energy of Dajavera x Acrylic Dog Anne´s Dream
23.12.2015 we have mated our Gina.

Enola Gay Dajavera x Acrylic Dog Anne´s Dream
25.12.2015 was the right day for Eny. Sadly Magic didn´t fell in love, so we have decided to change a stud god for her.

All matings was without any problem, hope we will have lovely puppies on the end of February 2016. If You will be interested in a puppy out of our planned litter, feel free to contact us :-) More information about litters You can find in the "puppies".


Drive for Live of Silent Storm "Comic" + Quanett Dajavera

In the section "puppies" were added new videos of future father and mother of our puppies


Last gen test arrived - Gyfu is IGS Normal!

Victoria Ezra Dajavera
Thanks for fresh pictures of 8 month old border girl
... here ...

Baileis Dajavera
Has passed obedience exam OB1 for Ex.

Lentilka Dajavera
Exam LA3 - Obsion 042 - 1-st place!

Rachel Dajavera
and her winning run - agility
... here ...

Terezka Dajavera
Obedience competition OBZ, 5-th place (out15), 230 points / Ex. judge L. Stemmerová

Purina Proplan Cup 2015 - flyball

in the team RUP those Dajavera´s got the awards:

Great Go, Perfect Match, Catch me, Mr. Maikee Dajavera - 3-rd place, 2-nd division
CJ, Blacberry, Jing Jang a Keeny Rose Dajavera - 3-rd place, 3-rd division

On the picture Great Go and Perfect Match Dajavera

Our breeding planns

To the section "PUPPIES" I have put information about our litter plans for spring 2016. If You are interested in puppy out of our kennel, just feel free to contact me :-)

Brave Kid
We are proud of Gyfu´s father, which became the 6-th on Swiss Open 2015 out of 69 dogs! Very big congrats, well done!

Cheero´s offspring:

Freesbee - Amazing Cloudy ranč

By By Summer 1-st place in TT, 1-st place in Quad and BBS King!
That was last competition of 2015. And here are the result of the season:
10 x winner, 10 x placement, 3x the best team of the competition, gained titel "Moravian Guru 2015", CZ Champion in Quad, 3x we have better the world record in Quad on 84,16 m, the last is the winner of Dog Shop liga (all the year long cap from 250 dogs! ) We have had qualified for World Championship in freestyle and SMD, and for Czech Championship in Quad and SMD.
"Majzi" is just wonderful dog!  .... Tyna and Amazing :-)


We are so so so proud of our boy!!!! And huge congrats, You are the best!!!

trials season 2015 - Gyfu


Our "first" trial season is over. We have join many trials, trainings and clinics this year. I am happy to tell that Gyfu is showing so good working abilities and will to please! We started in level 2 trials and stayed there all the season long. But the last trial has been already in Open class and I have been so happy to be the 3-rd that time. I am so proud of my lovely girl! We plan a good winter break and hope to have Gyfu´s first puppies.

Looking forward to next trial season 2016!

France 08/2015

4.7.2015  Čelina, T1  judge J.Hála, 41 points, ret

5.7.2015 Čelina, T2  judge J.Hála, 30 points, 7-th  (out of 12)

1.-6.8.2015 training and litter meeting in France - P. Heintz
Just lovely week we have spent in France. We have had a litter meeting, so we have met mother, father, 2 sisters and brother. Good trainings with Philippe and lovely French wine and baguette with our French friends!

... photos - here ...

qualification for Czech Championchip

15.8.2015 Vysoký Újezd IHT2, judge M. Maček, 58 points, 3-rd

Rakousy IHT2
 qualification Czech Championship, judge W. Lipczenko /At/ 52 points, time, 3-rd (out 15)

22.8.2015 Rakousy T2, judge W.Lipczenko /At/ 65 points, time, 10-th (out 20)

30.8.2015 Načešice, IHT 2, judge L. Horst (Ger), 65 points, time

31.8.-1.9.2015 clinic with L.Horst

4.-6.9.2015 Czech Open
We have been 3 days working on field and bringing the sheep to the post on field "B" and at the final we brought the second flock for double fetch. It was so good experience for us. I have been so proud of Gyfu, she very quickly understood her job and she did it so well!

21.9.-2.10.2015 Wales in Kinloch
10 lovely training days with Angie Driscoll, 3 trials - Open, South Wales, Double fetch, lovely sheep, lovely fields, sunshine, what could I wished more?
... photos - here ...

11.10.2015 Načešice, IHT 2, BCCCZ Cup, judge L. Fini /It/, 85 points, 2-nd (out of 8)

12.-13.10.2015, clinic with L. Fini /It/
... photos - here ...


17.10.2015, Nová Ves, IHT 2, judge P. Kryštofová, 76 points, 2-nd


me and Aled Owen

18.10.2015, Huníkov, T 2, judge K. Šeba, 57 points, 4-th ( out of 8)

18.10.2015, Huníkov, T 3, judge K. Šeba, 88 points, 3-rd (out of 11)

19.-21.10.2015 clinic with Aled Owen
Just time well spent!!!! Perfect conclusion of our season 2015!

Birthday of our offspring

Autumn is our birthday season :-) We wish all of our Dajavera´s all the best!!

"A" 19.10.2006
"C" 25.10.2008
"D" 29.10.2008
"E" 24.11.2009
"J" 24.10.2011
"M" 11.11.2012
"N" 18.11.2012
"O" 18.11.2012
"R" 2.11.2012
"S" 27.11.2013
"U" 4.11.2014


Terezka Dajavera

Terezka Dajavera
herding: Huníkov T 1 46 p./ 4-th place
Skude trial IHT 1 / 60 points

Championchin BCCCZ in Obedience - OBZ 6-th place / out of 20

Dog Star Cup 2015 Starý Kolín - ob competition ZZO
1-st place / out of 20
58 points / out of 60

Let´s Frisbee Dajavera
lovely video  .. here ..


Jack in the Box Dajavea
has passed obedience exam ZOP / ex.
has passed obedience exam ZZO 1


Inferno Imp Dajavera

has passed rescue exam RH-FLB


Rachel Dajavera

agility competition - 3-rd place
.. video ..


Noisette Dajavera
unofficial freestyle Dog Dancing
5-th place / out of 15


Days of Border Collies BCCCZ 2015

Club show 11.9.2015
Perfect Match Dajavera Ex.2, res CAC
Great Go Dajavera Ex.2
Femme Fatale Dajavera - Ex.
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.2, res CAC
Jing Jang Dajavera - Ex.


Club show 12.9.2015
Perfect Match Dajavera Ex.
Great Go Dajavera Ex.1
Femme Fatale Dajavera - Ex.
Crazy Meggy Dajavera - Ex.
Jing Jang Dajavera - Ex.


Breeding show
recommended for breeding:
Perfect Match Dajavera
Quanett Dajavera
Terezka Dajavera

BCCCZ Cup 2015

10. - 11. 10. 2015 was second year BCCCZ Cup. The judge was Luca Fini from Italy. Teams statrted at IHT 3 and T 3. Winner were Roman Holeček with Linka, second were Agata Zielinska with Zaza, third were Martin Maček with Aron z Krojčeku.

On Sunday were IHT 2 and IHT 1. Iva Jílková with Billy Kid were winner at IHT 2. Second were Daniela Rájová with Gyfu, third were Zuzana Černá with Bonita Corlan Gi.

Roman Holeček with Nora were first at IHT 1. Martin Maček with Sid were second and Milena Topinková with Cleylla Ferenčík were third.

After BCCCZ Cup was training course with Luca Fini. We all got many useful experiences.

We thanks BCCCZ for organized herding competetions. Then we thanks our partner Fitmin for prizes and sponsor this action.



Competetion photos


Training photos



Flyball tournament


Turnaj sladkých nadějí - Mělník 19.-20.9.2015


It was last flyball tournament this year. We started with our two teams: Dajavera X Fitmin and Dajavera Y Fitmin.

Dajavera X Fitmin : Gina, Keira, Aný, Enola, Gee

Dajavera Y Fitmin: Debie, Amy, Brook, NG, Noisy


I thanks our team for perfect season 2015. Many thanks to our partner Fitmin, the producer superpremium dog food.


Dajavera X Fitmin - 6-th division

ST: 2-nd place, the best time 19.51 s

DE: 1-st place, the best time 19.96 s


Dajavera Y Fitmin - 7-th division 

ST: 4-th place, the best time 21.48 s

DE: 3-rd place, the best time 21.52 s




19. 9. 2015

Rachel Dajavera

 2.-nd agility competition LA1 - 2-nd and 4-th place /from 70/



Jack in the box Dajavera

has passed rescue exam StPr1 - Ex

exam ZVV1 - 3-rd place

rescue video


Noisette Dajavera

has passed exam DwD2 - Ex


Noe Victory Dajavera

 OB1 - Ex, 2-nd place

has passed herding exam HWT


Inferno Imp Dajavera

has passed rescue exam RH-FLA - VG

XI. mastery ČR rescue dogs - 6-th place at teams and 5-th place at individual!!


Terezka Dajavera


Perfect Match Dajavera

has passed exam ZOP - 98 points!

exam OBZ - G

annual eye test clear - MVDr. Beránek 9/2015


Terezka Dajavera

Elév Cup BCCCZ 2015 - herding competetion - 7-th place, 49 points, time /from 12/

obedience training - video

defence training - video

herding training - ducks - video


Quanett Dajavera

has passed herding exam - ZVOP


Lentilka Dajavera

qualifiication at European Open in Germany, IMCA in Austria and MR ČR in Liberec


For-ek of Dajavera

annual eye test clear - MVDr. Beránek 8/2015


Nifty Nobi Dajavera

I have one very sad news. Nifty Nobi Dajavera died. She had fatal tumour on brain. We are really sorry about that. Rest in peace :-(


For-ek of Dajavera




Cheero´s offsprings:

Amazing Cloudy Ranč is amazing!! Týna Nosková and Amazing break a record of womens at Quad!



Amazeme Foxtrot Lady "Lova" /Fi/ - competed in rally obedience and did their third result in beginner´s class. This means that Lova is now know as RTK1 Lova.


Amazeme Fool Moon /Fi/ - -rd clean run at LA1, goes to LA2


Érovi offsprings:

Argo Agibuch - KV Brno, Ex1, Winner class of young



We organized herding competetion Elév Cup BCCCZ 2015 last August weekend. After competetion was training course. I hope that everybody did like that. I look forward to another gathering.




MR BCCCZ  flyball 2015

25. - 26. 7. 2015 Dajavera Fitmin team was on MR BCCCZ flyball 2015.

Dajavera X Fitmin: Gee, Aný, Keira, Éro, Gina

Dajavera Y Fitmin: Brook, Kessy, Amy, Debie, Noe

Veteran couple: Ixi, Abby

On Saturday was Speed trial. Our teams were do they best, but they came at 4-st places.

On Sunday was Double Elimination. Team Y did some mistakes and they eliminaited them. Team X ran perfect. At repeated final they had slow time and they won 2-nd place.

Many thanks to our partner Fitmin - Czech producer superpremium dog food!


Dajavera X Fitmin - 3-rd division

Saturday ST 4-th place - the best time 20,20 s

Sunday DE 2-nd place - the best time 19,96 s


Dajavera Y Fitmin - 4-th division

Saturday ST 4-th- place - the best time 20,78 s

Sunday DE 5-th place - the best time 22,13 s


Veteran couple

Saturday ST 4-th place - the best time 11,95 s

Sunday DE 4-th place - the best time 11,54 s


12. 6. 2015


Let´s Frisbee Dajavera




Ocean Wind Dajavera

has passed all of DogDancing exams to excellent and he has got title Master of DogDnacing 1


Let´s Frisbee Dajavera

DCDC Wroclav 2015 - video

health - HD A


Perfect Match Dajavera

has passed exam BH to Ex. /57p/ - 2-nd place/12


Mr. Maikee Dajavera

has passed exam BH /52p/ - 4-th place/12


Litter "V"

new photos our babies - May 2015


Little Chip Dajavera



Lentilka Dajavera



Terezka Dajavera

first herding on big land - video



Camp Bearded Collies - kennel MonaChristie

Bearded collies from kennel MonaChristie spent first June weekend in Dajavera. They trained herding sheep, flyball and obedience. They enjoyed fun and grilled meat. We look forward to see you next year!



Offsprings of our dogs



Amazing Cloudy ranč -  frisbee Turnov

Freestyle 3-rd place category Open + qualification MČR


Amazeme Faithful Soul "Nova" - Dog Show Mynämäki /Fi/



Amazing Pheobe Banataj Wind - MČR agility

third place at teams, 6-th place/36

slow motion video




Argo Agibuch - HD A, ED A, OCD Free

29. 5. 2015

Jing Jang Dajavera

has got title Czech Champion


Special dog show BCCCZ Litoměřice 16. 5. 2015 - judge, Mark Wibier /GER/

Great Go Dajavera - Ex1, CAC

Perfect Match Dajavera - Ex2, res. CAC


Krajowa wystawa Rybnik /PL/ - 10. 5. 2015

Round Robin Dajavera - Ex1, CWC, Best male, BOB, BOG1 - 3-rd place


Gyfu - 2-nd birthday

My dear Gyfu, we wish you strong health, many trainings and some trials this year. :-) We love you!

Perfect Match Dajavera


Flyball - Lukášovský drak


Second tournament was Lukášovský drak this year. We started with two teams.

Dajavera X Fitmin: Enola, Energy, Gina, Amy, Anýska, Cheero

Dajavera Y Fitmin: Ixi, Brook, NG, Wendy, Debie, Éro

X started in 4-th division. On Saturday we ran 5-th place in Speed trial. On Sunday we did clear runs. Then we were at final. But second team was faster then us.

Y started in 5-th division. On Saturday we ran 4-th place in Speed trial.

We enjoyed tournament. We are glad at our results. :-)

Many thanks to our partner Fitmin - Czech producer superpremium dog food!


Dajavera Y Fitmin

Saturday - Speed trial - 4-th place - best time 21,32 s

Sunday - Double Elimination - 6-th place - best time 20,93 s


Dajavera X Fitmin

sobota - Speed trial - 5-th place - best time 19,42 s

neděle - Double Elimination - 2-nd place - best time 19, 36 s





Cheero´s offsprings

Amzing Cloudy ranč

Fitmin Weekend - Dog Frisbee

1-st place at SMD, 3-rd place at Dartbee, 1-st place at Quad

The best team of weekend

World record at Quad - 82 meters



Amazeme Faithfull Soul - Nova /FI/

has passed Finnish character test

She got Ex1, CAC, Ex2, res.CAC, 2-nd Best bitch on show

She has passed and won some obedience competitions in class 2 and 3

She will start in Open class this year




Eager´s cup


This season we´ve started 8. - 10. May in Žamberk. There were teams from Poland, Belgium and Hungary.

We staretd with two teams, Dajavera X Fitmin (Enola, Amy, Gina, Gee, Debbie, Aný) and Dajavera Y Fitmin (Ixi, Kessy, Abby, Noisa, Éro, NG). Both teams ran as best they could. Unfortunately times weren´t enough. Dajavera X Fitmin was 7-th in 6-th division. Dajavera Y Fitmin was 7-th in 7-th division. We´ll devoted to trainings! :-)


We thanks to our sponsor – Czech producer superpremium dog food – Fitmin!


8. 5. 2015

MVP České Budějovice - judge. A. Grygarová

Perfect Match Dajavera - VG1

Great Go Dajavera - Ex1, CAC, res. CACIB

Jing Jang Dajavera - EX1, CAC


Jing Jang Dajavera has got title Czech Champion


 Show 25. 4. 2015 - CACIB Opole /Pl/

Round Robin Dajavera - Ex1, CWC, res. CACIB


Jack in the box Dajavera

has passed rescue exam - RH-TA

Kenzo Flower Dajavera

Terezka Dajavera

hass passed HWT



Gentle Eyes of Dajavera

has passed ZVOP


Noe Victory Dajavera

has passed canistherapy exam


Inferno Imp Dajavera

again has passed rescue exam RH-TA on International exams at judge from Japan


Kenzo Flower Dajavera

has passed exams FPR 1, 2, 3


Inferno Imp Dajavera


Puppies "V"

Our puppies have gone at new homes. They were all very brave. Good luck at new homes! We look forward to news from your life!


Herding exams FCI 25. - 26. 4. 2015

We have herding exams ZVOP and HWT at last April weekend. Martin Maček was judge on Saturday. 6 teams started in HWT and 13 teams started in ZVOP. I was judge on Sunday. 5 teams started in HWT TS and 20 teams started in ZVOP.

Terezka Dajavera and Jana Sommrová - HWT CS

Al Caira Working Gangster and Petra Opočenská - HWT CS

Let´s Dance Perla z Polabí and Marcela Hejduková - HWT TS

Barolo Dry Red z Brzáneckých vinohradů and Bára Kučerová - HWT TS

many thanks Jenifer Veselá by photos





1. - 3. 5. 2015 herding clinic with Sandra Zlich

We had herding clinic with top-class competitor, trainer and breeder Australian Shepherds Sandra Zlich from Germany.


7 - 9 dogs trained per day. Sandra told us some herding theory in pouses. Sandra patiently answered our questions. We thanks Sandra, Jirka Kohoutek (organizer), handlers and viewers they have come!



We wish all the best to our litter "B"!!



17. 4. 2015


Quanett Dajavera


Puppies "V"

Puppies have wormed, vaccinated and they have got chips. All puppies already have petpas. They are ready to go at new homes next week.

Foto 5-th - 6-th weeks

Thanks to Lenka Strnadová and Jana Krátká


Great Go Dajavera

CACIB Bogatic - Serbia: Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

CAC Sremska Mitrovica - Serbia: V1, CAC

Champion of Serbia

Club champion BCCCZ


Quanett Dajavera

International Dog Show - Georgia

2x CAC, CACIB, BOB, Best Female

Champion of Georgia


Noe Victory Dajavera

has passed DogDancing exam F1 - excellent


Terezka Dajavera

annual eye test clear (MVDr. Beránek)

HD A/A, ED A/A, OCD free (MVDr. Ekr)



CEA, CL, TNS DNA Normal (Optigen)



The herding season has started.

Jana Krátká took photos from first herding training.

Jack in the box Dajavera

Noisette Dajavera

Runa Wyn Dajavera

Terezka Dajavera



And video by Jana Sommrová



Littre "G" is five years old. We wish all the best!



Litter "G", "H" and "Q" have been update.

If some informationes are missing, please contact us.

26. 3. 2015

Noisette Dajavera


Round Robin Dajavera

HD A, ED A, OCD free

International dog show Katowice - Ex2

National dog show Wloclawek - Ex1, winner of class, Junior Winner, The best breed dog

photos, video


CACIB Bogatic 28. 3. 2015

Great Go Dajavera - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS


Noisette Dajavera

has passed last DogDancing exam and she has got title Master of Dog dancing 1


Neptis Ixi Dajavera

HD B, ED A, OCD free


News about puppies

Our puppies already see, hear, start walk and play.

video - 2,5 weeks

photos - 3,5 weeks



5. 3. litter "L" 3-rd birthday

29. 3. litter "T" 1-st birthday

We wish all the best and many successes! :)


12. 3. 2015

Puppies "V"

Our puppies grow very well. They double their weight in a week. :-)

They have names:

male: Veni Vidi Vici Dajavera

b/w female: Victoria Ezra

brown female: Viva Maya Dajavera




Terezka Dajavera

11 months - herding training




Rachel Dajavera

HD A/A, ED A/A, OCD free


Round Robin Dajavera


International Dog Show Drzonków 8. 3. 2015

Round Robin Dajavera - Ex1, Junior Winner

video from show ring /another show/ - 3-rd in line, Miss with red dress



Inferno Imp Dajavera

OBZ - excellent, 4-th place




We congratulate. We're proud of all.




Preparation to season

Me and Gyfu haven't been lazy. We've set clear targets. I am so proud of Gyfu and we look forward to this season! :-)




We have puppies!








1-st March 2015 our litter "V" was born

Enola gave birth one black and white boy and two girls. One of them is black and white and second girl is chocolate.


New photos


Puppies are reserved!


25. 2. 2015





Herding exams ZVOP and HWT - 25-th and 26-th April 2015

We invite you to herding exams ZVOP and HWT for all breeds

propositions and application






Jack in the Box Dajavera "Charlie"

has passed rescue exam RH-LE.





17. 2. 2015

Duocacib Brno - internacional dog show

7. 2. 2015 - Saturday

Perfect Match Dajavera - Ex2

Great Go Dajavera - Ex2, res. CAC


8. 2. 2015 - Sunday

Perfect Match Dajavera - Ex3

Great Go Dajavera - Ex1, CAC, res. CACIB




Our planned litter

We're expecting puppies. We saw 2-3 little balls on sonography. We hope Enola has at least one more puppy. :-) Everything is ready at home and we are looking forward to puppies!



Great Go Dajavera


3. 2. 2015


Noisette Dajavera






Litters have been update

Litters "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F" have been update. If some informationes are missing, please contact us.


25. 1. 2015

Noisette Dajavera, Noe Victory Dajavera a Native Jumper Dajavera have become stud bitch and dogs.



14. 1. 2015



Our sweet Ixi's birthday

28. 12. 2014 Ixi celebrated 10-th birthday. She is a founder our kennel Dajavera! Ixi, we wish you all the best, many tossed balls, herding sheep, many trainings with Verunka and happy kids in Skuteč!




Litter "U"

External litter "U" have gone home on Christmas. All puppies have been all right - teeth, both testicles, without hernias. We are glad for puppies and we wish all the best in their new homes! Thanks for feedback! Here is video, where puppies were with their mother.


Enola Gay Dajavera x Montana's Spirit Backbone "Baxter"

 30. and 31. 12. 2014 we have been in Austria for mating Enola. Everything has been perfect and hope around 1. 3. 2015 we could have puppies. More info in "Puppies". If You are interested in a puppy out of this sporty litter, feel free to contact me.


National Dog Show Brno 3. 1. 2015 - judge A. Grygarová


Perfect Match Dajavera - Ex2

Mr. Maikee Dajavera - Ex1, CAC


Our dog's puppies:

Argo Agibuch - Ex4

Jeffrey Haliba - VG2






5. 1. our litter "I" 4-th birthday

2. 2. our litter "K" 3-rd birthday

We wish all the best our "babies" from Dajavera.



Enola and Baxter


Trial TS in Austria

5-th and 6-th of January 2015 I have spent in Austria on a field of Gerlinda Kracher. I have been invited as a judge for tradition trial. I have prepared more technical obstacles to level 3 as far as the field was a bit smaller and sheep  have been used to the dogs. There were 9 dogs in IHT3, 3 dogs in IHT2 and 7 dogs in IHT1. All the dogs were very well prepared for this competition. I have been really pleased!

Thank you very much for the invitation - I have enjoyed it!



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