14.12.2016 our herding trials

10.-13.9.2016 Elév Cup BCCCZ + clinic with M.Koško
 51 teams joined HWT, IHT 1-3 and the special trial for beginners. 11 dogs joined the clinic.
photos from the trial

photos form the clinic

1.-4.10.2016 BCCCZ Cup + clinic with S.Lejuez (Be)
16 competitors has run Open class, which was the qualification for the  World trial 2017 and Continental 2017. 7 teams in level 1 and 12 teams in level 2. After 2 days of trial we have had a clinic for 11 dogs.
photos from the trial

27.-1.11.2016 II. Championchip of FCI Traditional breeds 2016 + clinic with P.Heintz (Fr)
Incredible number of competitors have join our trial for Traditional breeds - 81! 5 Club for Traditional breeds had their championchips in herding for their breeds. After 4 days of trialing we have had 2 days of clinic.
photos from the trial I.  
photos from the trial II.

photos from the trial III.

Thanks to our sponzors - Fitmin and Profizoo, big thanks to all of our judges for coming and giving us wonderfull clinics, thanks to my organization dream team and many thanks to all the competitors!!
Hope to see You in 2017 again!!!!

Results from our trials You can find  ... here ...


Yoshi Dajavera
Video of our 4 month old border collie lady :)
... video - here...

Terezka Dajavera
herding trial IHT1 - 25.6.2016
4-th place (out14), 71 points

Bailey Dajavera
has passed dogdancing exam MD1 and DVD1

Puppies in Dajavera
Z-litter has left to new homes, we have put this litter to our offspring.

We plan 3 external litters for this winter. More info You can find in "puppies"


team´s happinest after FLY18 on Manic Cup !!!!!!!!!


Big thanks to our partner Fitmin.cz for superpremium czech dog food for our dog´s sportsmen!


Budějckej Extreme - 28.-29.5.2016, IV division
Dajavera X Fitmin

Sat - ST - 3-rd place, best time 19,73s
Sun - DE - 5-th place - best time 19,63s

Manic Cup - 11.-12.6.2016
both of our teams joined

Dajavera X Fitmin - V. division
 Noe Victory Dajavera, Runa Wyn Dajavera, Energy of Dajavera, Terezka Dajavera and Calm before the strorm Jeffija
Dajavera Y Fitmin - VI.division
Amy Dajavera, Enola Gay Dajavera, Bart, Wendy, NG a Debie
sat - ST - 7-th place, best time 22,55s
sun - DE - 7-th place, best time 22,53s

New record of our team 18,95s and the title FLY18!
sat - ST - 5-th place, best time 20,05s
sun - DE - 2-nd place, best time 18,95s

Our puppies
Our puppies growing up, plaing, sleeping, eating :) ...
... new photos 28 days ...

... new photos 48 days ...

herding clinic with Eliane Verboven (Be)
I have join a herding clinic with one of the best belgium handlers - Eliane. Sadly Gyfu has injured her 4-th finger on back leg (4 week ago) and still not available to train properly :( Anyway we have enjoyed our time there, tried shed those veery difficult sheep and had a fun with our trainings partners.
photos - here

Nat. dog show Klatovy - judge M.Krinke
Blackberry Dajavera, veteran class - Ex.1, BOV
Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera, honour class - Ex.1

Small Cheero Dajavera - Sweeden
Bloodtracking - 4 days hard work with the best results and joined the title
 SVCh Small Cheero Dajavera
fri - has passed
sat - 1-st in open class
sun - 1-st in open class
mon - 1-st in open class

Argo Agibuch - son of our Éro Dajavera
Nat. dog show Nitra - V1 CAC

Rachel Dajavera (Holand)
Nijmegen - agility - Jumping - 1st place
video - here

Terezka Dajavera
has passed OB1, Ex., 257,5 points, judge L.Richterová

Little Chip Dajavera
2-nd on Border Collie championchip in agility in teams !!

Flyballové tituly:
Energy of Dajavera - FLY 18
Runa Wyn Dajavera - FLY 18
Noe Victory Dajavera - FLY 18
Terezka Dajavera - FLY 19

on the picture Rachel Dajavera "Yeddha"




Bitch of the year 2015 - herding

Terezka Dajavera
Bitch of the year 2015 - allround dog

Big thanks to our parner - Fitmin, producer of Czech superpremium dog food, for the support!

Our puppies
Our puppies opened their eyes, start to walk and we have the names allready!
... new photos ...

Terezka Dajavera
has passed BH exam for 52 points

Gyfu will celebrate her 3-rd birthday on 18.5.
We wish her all the best, heath and a lot of sheep and trainings and trials, those things make her really happy :D


Eager´s Cup 2016 - Žamberk

Dajavera X Fitmin

The very first flyball competition in the season

friday - Speed trial - 8-th division
3-rd place - 19,85 s

saturday DE
4-th place - 19,89 s


... photos - here ...

Thanks our sponzor for superpremium czech food FITMIN

Jack in the box Dajavera
has passed exam StPr 2

Terezka Dajavera
 ZZO (ob exam) - 1-st place (out of12) - 96 points (out of 100)

Little Chip Dajavera
Agility exam LA3 - Chabarovice - 2 clean runs - 1-st place
Agility exam LA 3 Prague - 5-th and the 2-nd place

Let´s Frisbee Dajavera
... video - here ...

Our puppies
All puppies are doing very well and they are allready reservated.


*1.5.2016 - litter "Z"
Our litter Z was born. We have 7 puppies - 4 boys (3with the tan) and 3 girls (1with the tan). Puppies have been between 380-450g. All are lovely and heathy!!

Winner Willy Dajavera - 10 weeks - not for sale anymore!! He goes to new home :)
Our puppy from working litter is back home and for sale again ..litter "W".. He is lovely smoothcoated tricolor male and looking for sporty/working home. He is heathy, good socializated, used to colar and leash, house-trained. For more info just feel free to contact me!

Litter "W", "X" a "Y" have been left us
Our last puppies have been lett us to their new homes. We wish them all the best with their new families!
The last pictures from home :
photos - here

Yoshi Dajavera
Video from the way to new home :)
video - here

Dajavera´s birthday
G *13.4.2010
B *19.5.2007
We wish them all the best to their special day!!

Prague expo - CACIB show
Jing Jang Dajavera - Ex 2
Perfect Match Dajavera - Ex 3
Great Go Dajavera - Ex 1, CAC, res. CACIB !!!


Dog of the year BCCCZ 2015
Mr. Maikee - flyball - 4-th place
Fata Morgana Dajavera - flyball - 5-th place
Great Go Dajavera - flyball - 6-th place
Perfect Match Dajavera - flyball - 7-th place
Terezka Dajavera - herding - 4-th place
Terezka Dajavera - obedience - 7-th place
Terezka Dajavera - sport kynologie - 7-th place


Terezka Dajavera
Alf Canina - obedience  - OB1 - 253,5 points
 4-th place!

Noisette Dajavera
has passed dogdancing exam MD2 - VG

Ocean Wind Dajavera
 has passed dogdancing exam HtM2 - VG

Viva Maya Dajavera
has passed Herding instinkt test

Perfect Match Dajavera
has passed Herding instinkt test and with it has
fullfied the title
Club Champion BCCCZ

HWT - Herding working test
Big congrats to my training charges!!
Celeste Heli Gopo (Smooth collie) and Olga Hejhalová
Elegan Eywa od Cidliny (BOC) and Pavla Balajková
Ceaseless Energy z Brzáneckých vinohradů (AUO) and Jana Stupková
Xalia Dalido (Briard) and Denisa Křivková
Dakshi Power of Live Fallcat (AUO) and Ivana Petrová
Ice Star z Bengasu (BOC) and Veronika Tvrdá


WAY  TO  GO  DAJAVERA - reservated 2.4.2016

Our puppies
Puppies are growing so fast and it is much more easy to make some videos than lovely pitures!

... videos - here ...

VLovely tricolor male from our working litter "W" is waiting for his sporty / working home. For more info about the parents please open "PUPPIES"

Way to go is reservated!!! 2.4.2016

Lambing time
The season of lambs is in process :)
... photos - here ...

Herding trial and exam in Makotřasy
I am so proud of my training charges. All of them did really well. Big congrants!!!

Terezka Dajavera - IHT 1 - 2-nd place, 88 p., Ex.
... video - here ...

Al Caira Working Gangster - IHT 1, 5-th place, 80 p., Ex.
Farma trial, 4-th place, 85 p
... video - here ...

Runa Wyn Dajavera - HWT, 83 p., VG

Devil´s Heart Fitmin - HWT, 91 p., Ex., best HWT of the weekend

Planned litter  "Z" Dajavera
On ultrasound we have seen 5 pupps and more :) Hope in the beginning of may we can expact lovely chocolate puppies!

Argo Agibuch - son of our Éro Dajavera
Regional dog show Vyškov - judge T.Havelka
Ex. 1, Winner of the working class


WAY  TO  GO  DAJAVERA - available male

Our puppies
Our puppies have been for the 2-nd time wormed, and they have mooved to the garden, where is enough space for their games :-)

 Videos from their very first feeding:
... litter W ...

... litter X ...

... litter Y ...

Lovely tricolor male from our working litter "W" is waiting for his sporty / working home. For more info about the parents please open "PUPPIES"

Terezka Dajavera
Has passed exam ZZO - 59 points (out of 60)

Great Go Dajavera
Has passed exam ZZO 1

Perfect Match Dajavera
Has passed exam ZZO 1

Viva Maya Dajavera
DKK 2/1, ED, OCD free


Quanett Dajavera x Drive for Life of Silent Storm

Quanett has been successfully mated by Comic 3.3.2016. If everything will be ok, we can expact our "Z" litter around 2.5.2016.

More info about the future litter You can find in "puppies".



Dajavera´s  birthday
3 our liiters will celebrate their birthday in march:
1.3.2015 litter "V"
5.3.2013 litter "L"
29.3.2014 litter "T"
We wish You all the best to Your special day!!!

Terezka Dajavera
Video of lovely work - how can border collie do the defence! Owner Jana Sommrová and trainer Martin Remsa did a great job!!!
... video - here ...

Jack in the box Dajavera
Has passed another rescue exam - RH - FL A

Puppies W, X, Y
Our puppies are doing very well. We have done the very first worming at their age of 14 days. Litter "W" has been 1.050-1.200 grams, litter "X" 1.200-1.250 grams, litter "Y" 1.000-1.100 grams. They start see, hear, walk and play. Here are the videos of our 3 current litters:
... videos - here ...

Available tricolor male no.3 from "W" litter. He is CEA,TNS Normal by parents, out of the top Wales and English working lines. Mother - import France, father from England. Puppy will be suitable for herding, agility, frisbee, obedience or other sport, where You need puppy without limit :-)
... photos - here ...

After canceled reservation is available girl no.2 from "W" litter!

For more info just feel free to contact me.


23.2.2016 has been born our litter "Y"
Gina gave a birth of 4 cute puppies. 2 boys - red merle and chocolate and 2 chocolate girls. The weight were between 300 - 380 g. More info and pictures You can find in "puppies"


21.2.2016 has been born our litter "X"
Enola gave a birth of 5 lovely puppies. 2 boys - chocolate and red merle and 3 girls - chocolate, blue merle and black-white. The weight were between 400-460 g. More info and pictures You can find in "puppies".


18.2.2016 has been born our litter "W"
Our Gyfu gave a birth of 6 puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls. All of them are tricolor. Everything were going very weel even they have had a weight between 380-465 g. We proudly present our first working line litter! More info and pictures of pupps You can find in "puppies".



New pictures - Quanett Dajavera
New pictures of mother or our future puppies

photos from herding ...here...
photos from flyball ...here...

Highmoor Hemp
father of our planned litter is TNS DNA Normal !!

Our planned trials and clinics in herding 2016
Added proposals and entry forms on our herding events herding Dajavera.

Viva Maya Dajavera

lovely autumn pictures  ...here...

Birthday - litter "K"
2.2.2012 was born our "K" litter. We wish all the best to them!


Breeding show BCCCZ Praha
Runa Wyn Dajavera is breeding bitch.

Planned puppies - Éro Dajavera
Nice meeting with future girlfriend of our Éro. Next date is planned around april 2016 when Angelic Face Running Free will be in a season :-)
more info ... here ...

Ocean Wind Dajavera
Has passed next Dogdancing exam MD 2 - Ex.

... photos here ...

Our planned trials and clinics in herding 2016
Added proposals and entry forms on our herding events herding Dajavera.

our expacting puppies 19.1.2016

News of our expecting puppies
We have been on ultrasound screening with our future mothers and all of them are in whelp :-)

Annual eye test
Happy to write that Éro and Clermont-Ferrand Dajavera are clear !

Argo Agibuch - son of our Éro Dajavavera
National dog show - Ex. 1, CAC