Gyfu - herding success

Season 2017

All the results coming soon, but proudly I show our biggest one:

We are
Czech Champions 2017 !!!!

Good bless, Gyfu is heathy :)


Season 2016

The year of 2016 was our black one. Gyfu has enjured her backside leg just in the beggining of the season. We just made a short training, after that I have put her to do car, get home and when she get off from the car, she couldn´t step on her right backside leg. We have passed many screenings, but without any success. The concludion was it probleme with the soft tissue. 4 month she walked with a limp, had a resting mode, 2 month we payed attancion to recovery after that. All the trial seaon has been lost for us. I am happy Gyfu is ok again and looking forward to a season of 2017!


Season 2015


Our "first" trial season is over. We have join many trials, trainings and clinics this year. I am happy to tell that Gyfu is showing so good working abilities and will to please! We started in level 2 trials and stayed there all the season long. But the last trial has been already in Open class and I have been so happy to be the 3-rd that time. I am so proud of my lovely girl! We plan a good winter break and hope to have Gyfu´s first puppies.

Looking forward to next trial season 2016!

France 08/2015

4.7.2015  Čelina, T1  judge J.Hála, 41 points, ret

5.7.2015 Čelina, T2  judge J.Hála, 30 points, 7-th  (out of 12)

1.-6.8.2015 training and litter meeting in France - P. Heintz
Just lovely week we have spent in France. We have had a litter meeting, so we have met mother, father, 2 sisters and brother. Good trainings with Philippe and lovely French wine and baguette with our French friends!

... photos - here ...

qualification for Czech Championchip

15.8.2015 Vysoký Újezd IHT2, judge M. Maček, 58 points, 3-rd

Rakousy IHT2
 qualification Czech Championchip, judge W. Lipczenko /At/ 52 points, time, 3-rd (out 15)

22.8.2015 Rakousy T2, judge W.Lipczenko /At/ 65 points, time, 10-th (out 20)

30.8.2015 Načešice, IHT 2, judge L. Horst (Ger), 65 points, time

31.8.-1.9.2015 clinic with L.Horst

4.-6.9.2015 Czech Open
We have been 3 days working on field and bringing the sheep to the post on field "B" and at the final we brought the second flock for double fetch. It was so good experience for us. I have been so proud of Gyfu, she very quickly understood her job and she did it so well!

21.9.-2.10.2015 Wales in Kinloch
10 lovely training days with Angie Driscoll, 3 trials - Open, South Wales, Double fetch, lovely sheep, lovely fields, sunshine, what could I wished more?
... photos - here ...

11.10.2015 Načešice, IHT 2, BCCCZ Cup, judge L. Fini /It/, 85 points, 2-nd (out of 8)

12.-13.10.2015, clinic with L. Fini /It/
... photos - here ...


17.10.2015, Nová Ves, IHT 2, judge P. Kryštofová, 76 points, 2-nd


me and Aled Owen

18.10.2015, Huníkov, T 2, judge K. Šeba, 57 points, 4-th ( out of 8)

18.10.2015, Huníkov, T 3, judge K. Šeba, 88 points, 3-rd (out of 11)

19.-21.10.2015 clinic with Aled Owen
Just time well spent!!!! Perfect conclusion of our season 2015!


Season 2014

I wanted to pass HWT this year. But we did more than I expacted :-) We have joined some clinics and trainings. Clinic with Philippe Heintz in july,clinic with Wolfgang Lipczenko in august, one day training with Kees Kromhout in ceptember and we have finished the season with the clinic with Luca Fini in october. On the end of herding season we started in IHT 1. I knew that Gyfu is well prepared for this class, but the winning 1-st place has been surprised for me and of course I have been so happy! Next day we tried Farm trial. It went so fantastic, but we didn't get over “Maltese cross“. We finished on time and that´s why we lost 45 points for obstacles after Maltese. Anyway we had good points for 5-th place!


Our results:

19.7.2014   HWT   81 points - VG - judge P.Heintz

18.10.2014 IHT1  82 points – Ex. – 1-st place - judge. M.Koško

19.10.2014 Farm trial - 72 points – 5-th place time - judge M.Koško