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2.10.2017 - birth of E2 litter

Let me introduce our external litter "E2". We have 3 lovely girls - one is black/white, 2 are tricolor. They are between 400 - 510 g. More info in "puppies"

12.7.2017 - Flyball

Flyball tournament M.E.D.´s Trophy, 17.-18.6.2017

              Team Dajavera Y: Quanett, Wyn, Gee, Gina, Debie and Brook.
Our firt competition with new parner and new team sportswear :) Thanks to Alfazoo.cz for the support!

Dajavera Y – 6-th division
sat. – ST – 3-rd place, best time 20,02s
sun – DE – 4-th place, best time 19,78s

photos - here


Flyball tournament Crazy Cup – 1.-2.7.2017

               Dajavera Y: Quanett, Wyn, Gee, NG and Debie. .
               Dajavera X: Brook, Terezka, Gina, Amy, Gyfu and Bordy

Dajavera Y – 5-th division
sat – ST – 3-rd place, best time 19,71s
sun – DE – 3-rd place, best time 19,55s

Dajavera X – 6-th division
sat – ST – 5-th place, best time 21,64s
sun – DE – 5-th place, best time 21,88s

photos - here


Puppies C2
Our puppies from external litter are going to new homes these days. We wish them lovely lives with their new families!
photos - here

Puppies D2
Puppies from our external litter are still at home, playing, growing and searching the world :) In very short time they will leave as well
photos - here

Flyball - Eager´s Cup 2017

Our first flyball competition this year. We have participient with only one team - Dajavera Y Fitmin. Both days we took 4-th place in the 7-th division (out of 7). We have had a great fun and we are looking forward next one!

photos - here

Herding - spring trial in Dajavera29.4.-1.5.2017
Our first herding competition is over. At the weekend there were FCI exams - NHAT and HWT. The trial IHT1 for Traditional breeds have been on monday. 8 teams took a part in it. Thanks to competitors for lovely atmosphere and nice work and special thanks to my organization team for the great job they did again!!!
photos - here             results - here

I am proud of my training charges:
Karolína Hořčičková with Acatalaya Noble Thiwahe and Casanova Giacomo Thiwahe (Boc)  has passed HWT
Míša Novotná with Heavenly Rebel Jeffija (Boc) has passed HWT
Jana Tučímová with Fierté de Janvier Banataj Wind (Boc) has passed HWT
Martina Králová with Little Princess Les Compagnons Du Berger (Auo) has passed IHT 1 and took the 1-st place
Iveta Machatá with Adwin Elite Look Sunshinewood (Auo) has passed IHT 1 and took the 3-rd place
Olga Hejhalová with Celeste Heli Gopo (CK) has passed IHT 1 and took the 5-th place
Věře Kadlecová with Boreas de Vent Bella´s Liberi (Bri) has passed IHT 1 and took the 6-th place
Sváťa Procházková with Jacqueline Heaven Devil (Bri) has passed IHT 1 and took the 7-th place

Argo Agibuch - son of our Éro
has passed IPO 1 for VG!

Gentele eyes of Dajavera
has passed dogdancing exam F1 for VG

Perfect Match Dajavera
Great Go Dajavera
Way to go Dajavera
have passed herding instinkt exam NHAT

19.5. litter "B" celebrate the 10-th
18.5. our Gyfu celebrate the 4-th
1.5. external litter "Z" celebrathe the 1-st one
¨on the picture Way to go Dajavera


ˇPuppies - litter "D2" - *5.4.2017
5.4.2017 was born our external litter D2. We have 4 boys and 4 girls. More info You can find in "puppies"
photos ... here ...

Puppies C2
Puppies are growing very well, they start to walk and play
 ... video - here ...

... video - very first food ...

Let´s Frisbee Dajavera "Floyd"
 Dog game spring ´17 - fresbee
-Super Pro Toss&Fetch 2/28
-Dog Dartbee 12/56
-Dog Dartbee Play Off 3 miejsce...
-Frizgility 5/44
-Time Trial 26/45
Floyd on the picture

Dajavera´s birthday
13.4.2010 has been born our external litter "G". Congrats to You day!!


Little Chip Dajavera
Qualification for Czech agility Championchip2017
- Roudnice nad Labem 16.4.2017
17-th place out of 128 teams and Chip has be qualified for CZ Agility Chapmpionchip 2017!!
23.4.2017 - "O Chlumeckého lvíčka" - agility competition
3-rd place - exam LA3, 4-th place Jump, 6-th place agility, total 1-st place!!!
Chip on the picture

Yoshi Dajavera
HD and ED free! Congrats!

Gentle Eyes of Dajavera
has passed Dogdancing exam F1 - VG

Way to go Dajavera
HD, ED, OCD free! Congrats!

Training Gyfu - France 2017
Week before the Easter we have spent on our training holidays in France. What can I say more - the best trainer, lovely field, excellent sheep, wonderful french cheese, wine, friends. Just time well spent! Thanks to Philippe Heintz and Florance for everything!
  ... one of my training video - here ...
photos ... here ...


Puppies "C2"
26.3.2017 has been born our external litter "C2". First tricolor girl has been born in normal way, the rest of the litter by C-section. We have 4 lovely puppies - 2 boys (b-w, chocolate) and 2 girls (tricolor, chocolate). More info in the "puppies" side :)

dog / bitch of the year BCCCZ 2016
Amazing Cloudy ranč
- frisbee - 1-st place
son of our Cheero get not the only dog of the year, but even Club Working Champion!!!!!
Fata Morgana Dajavera - flyball - 3-rd place
Terezka Dajavera - herding - 2-nd place
Terezka is training with me :)
Great Go Dajavera - flyball - 6-th place
Perfect Match Dajavera - flyball - 7-th place
Terezka Dajavera - obedience - 4-th place
allround bitch - 7-th place
sport kynologie - 13-th place

Training success
Celeste Hemi Gopo (smoth collie) - bitch of the year KCHCS, herding - 1-st place

Puppies "B2"
Our B2 litter puppies are 7 weeks old. They are chiped, vaccinated, owning pet passports, allmost ready to go to new homes. We wish them wonderfull lives with their new families! The litter page has been moved from the "puppies" to the "litters"

X-tremo Aurico Dajavera
video from defence  ... here ...

Little Chip Dajavera
6-th round of Terezín Cap - 2 clean runs,  2-nd place
1-st place of Terezíns cup 2016/2017 - cat. Large !!!!


Little Chip Dajavera
Dogs Friends Fitmin Cup - 3-rd palce!!!
(agility)... Chip on the picture:)

Puppies news
New pictures and videos of our B2 litter
photos + video

Will to please Dajavera
HD A, ED, OCD free

Spring herding exams in Dajavera
NHAT and HWT, 29.4.-1.5.2017 - proposal and entry forms
more info - here


Puppies news
Our "B2" litter has been moved from the house to the garden, where they have got planty of space for their games and discovery world. They have been fed for the very first time, enjoying superpremium czech food Fitmin and for the 2-nd time wormed.
video from feeding ... here ...

 Dajavera´s birthday
We wish to "our children" all the best to their special day :)
*1.3.2015 - litter "V"
*5.3.2015 - litter "L"
*29.3.2015 - litter "T"

Happines with the training work!
I am proud of my training wards for their results in herding in their clubs!
Decent Demon z Kovárny (belgian shepard Tervueren) - Dog of the year KCHBO
2-nd place, 1-st place in Tervueren
Terezka Dajavera (border collie) - Bitch of the year BCCCZ
she is pricing, but the result we know after the awarding 19.3.
Elixir Cofi Capito (australian shepard) - Dog of the year KCHBO
5-th place
Brian Badria´s Darling (briard) - Dog of the year Briard Club CZ
1-st place
Xalia Dalido (briard) - Female of the year Briard Club CZ
2-nd place
Boreas de Vent Bella´s Liberi (briard) - Dog of the year Briard Club CZ
3-rd place

Amazing Cloudy ranč
Son of our Cheero get the 3-rd place in "Kynolog of the year" - freesbee
We are so proud!


Puppies news
New video of our "B2" litter at the age of 3 weeks
video  ... here ...

Planned litter "D2"
We have seen at least 4 puppies on sono last friday :)

Yoshi Dajavera
Lovely video of one year old border collie
video  ... here ...

Let´s Frisbee Dajavera
Traning of frisbee Floyd
video ... here ...


Planned litter "C2"
We have been on ultrasound with Wyn today. It seems Wyn will not have a full litter, but we have seen 2 puppies at least. So will see in few weeks :)

Dajavera´s Birthday
We wish all the best to our children !
* 2.2.2012 - litter "K"
* 18.2.2016 - litter "W"
* 21.2.2016 - litter "X"
* 26.2.2016 - litter "Y"

Puppies news
All puppies from our external litter "B2" have their new owners, which gave them lovely names. Puppies opened their eyes already and they try to "walk". We have wormed them this weekend for the very first time.
video  ... here ...

5.2.2017  birth of our external litter B2

We proudly present our external litter "B2". We have 2 boys and 2 girls. More information You can find in "puppies"













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