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Litter "E2" *2.10.2017
mating 3.8.2017, ready to go to new homes after 20.11.2017

Runa Wyn Dajavera


Luna Tale Meet Moss


HD A, ED A, OCD free, TNS,CL,CEA DNA Normal

flyball, herding
 exams: Herding working test exam, HWT, Fly 18

*7.11.2013, import Belgium
HD A, ED A, OCD free, TNS, CL, CEA, MDR1 Normal

agility, frisbee, herding





Enjoy Ennie Dajavera

female 1 - black/white

born at 15.10 o´clock, 512 g


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Eleanor Dajavera

female 2 - tricolor

born at 17.10 o´clock, 420 g


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Elwing Dajavera

Female 3 - tricolor

born at 18.00 o´clock, 400 g


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We expect black and white and chocolate puppies, some could be with the tan out of this external litter.

This combination will be suitable for active homes. We expact puppies with the sport and herding abilities.
Mother of the litter - Wyn is member of our flyball team. She has wonderfull jumping technique and she is the most quick dog in our team. She enjoys the farm work with the sheep as well, she has passed HWT.
The father - Moss - is working dog in the farm. At the same time he loves frisbee and trainings of agility. He is imported from Luna Tale in Belgium. More info You can find on his homepage.

Our puppies are bred in our family house, at the age of 4 weeks they will move to the garden, where they have enought place to play and run. We spend many time with their socialization and we enojoy it so much! They are in contact with people, children, other dogs. We feed superpremium czech food Ontario. Our pupps are chiped, vaccinated, wormed and they get the pet passport.

If You are interested in puppy out of our kennel, feel free to contact us!